Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: latest edition includes 9 reroutes

This is a summary of the latest permanent reroutes of the Heysen Trail that have been undertaken by the Trail Development Committee in consultation with the Department of Environment & Water (DEW).

The reroutes have been added to the downloadable GPX file (version 4.4 released 7/8/2023) and the Interactive Map as displayed on Friends of the Heysen Trail website.

You can find instructions for downloading the updated file onto your GPS unit on the Maps & GPS page.

The following re-routes and updates have been added:

  1. Mapsheet 1A – Reroute around Tapanappa Campsite for the Wild South Coast Way
  2. Mapsheet 1A-1B – The Wild South Coast Way spur trail from Kings Beach to Victor Harbor
  3. Mapsheet 1C – Reroute at Robinson Hill/Jaggers Block, September 2022
  4. Mapsheet 1D – Reroute at Kyeema – exit off Woodgate Hill Rd, December 2022
  5. Mapsheet 1D and 2A – Reroute at Chookarloo Campground, Kuitpo Forest, January 2023
  6. Mapsheet 1D and 2A – Alternate Route at Knott Hill Plantation (Kuitpo Forest), April 2023
  7. Mapsheet 2D – Reroute at Old School House, Mt Crawford Forest, July 2023
  8. Mapsheet 4B – Realignment of the trail east of Mt Bryan, September 2022
  9. Mapsheet 8C – Yuluna realignment, Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park, April 2023

Please note the the revised gpx file does not include temporary reroutes such as :

  • Those frequently established around Forestry SA logging operations in the Kuitpo and Mt Crawford Forest reserves (Mapsheets 1D, 2A & 2D)
  • The Maryvale reroute, south of Hamilton (Mapsheet 3B)
  • The Goyder Windfarm reroute, east of Huppatz Hut (Mapsheet 3D

Walkers are advised to check the Heysen Trail Reroutes page before setting out on any walk to make sure you are aware of any recent trail changes.

The reroutes have also had a very minor impact on the Heysen Trail Distances.

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: 13 re-routes and corrections

A collection of re-routes and corrections of the trail path in the downloadable GPX file and Interactive Map.

These re-routes have also had a minor +3km impact on the Heysen Trail Distances.

The following re-routes, updates and corrections have been added::

  1. Mapsheet 2B – minor correction of display of trail route around Morialta Barns
  2. Mapsheet 2D – reroute of trail along Tower Rd/Ross Fire Track to take the trail off Wirra Wirra Rd
  3. Mapsheet 3A – minor correction of display of trail route to show it following Roennfeldt Rd near Sturt Highway
  4. Mapsheet 3B – minor, display Marrabel ‘Walk-in’ site on download files
  5. Mapsheet 4A – show reroute of trail through the southern part of Caroona Creek Conservation Park, and more accurate alignment in the northern part of the Conservation Park
  6. Mapsheet 5A – minor, display Bundaleer Sports ground campsite on download files
  7. Mapsheet 5B – show reroute of trail through main street of Crystal Brook
  8. Mapsheet 5B – show reroute of trail north of Bowman Park
  9. Mapsheet 6A – show reroute of trail in Wirrabara forest approaching Block 9 Road
  10. Mapsheet 6A – minor, display White Park Tank on download files. This tank will be installed in June 2022.
  11. Mapsheet 6B – minor realignment of route along the Pine Track
  12. Mapsheet 6C – minor correction of display of trail route approaching Horrocks Pass, and more accurate alignment along the pass.
  13. Mapsheet 6D – include alternate Heysen Trail route of the The Dutchmans Stern Hike.

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: Major detail update and 12 re-routes and corrections

This is a major update:

  1. the first 185km of the trail path in the downloadable GPX file and Interactive Map has been updated to have 10x more detail.
  2. includes 12 trail re-routes, minor corrections and improvements since the last bundled update in August 2020.

Updated Mapsheets with the 10x more detail are:

  1. Mapsheet 1: Cape Jervis to Kuitpo Forest (all four submaps)
  2. Mapsheet 2A: Kuitpo Forest to Bridgewater Oval – the first 27km to 3km south of Mylor (submaps 2B, 2C and 2D have not yet been updated)

We will progressively update the trail path further along the trail moving northwards through the mapsheets.

The following 12 re-routes and alterations have been added:

  1. Mapsheet 1B: a minor 400m correction to the trail at Waitpinga, a temporary re-route that was put in place sometime ago but can now be considered permanent, has been added now to improve accuracy.
  2. Mapsheet 1C: a 600m re-route up The Sugarloaf, north of Inman Valley. An improved realignment was marked in November 2020.
  3. Mapsheet 2A: A minor clarification of trail route in Kuitpo Forest near Mt Bold to remove an obsolete temporary reourte.
  4. Mapsheet 2A/2B: A minor clarification of trail route past Bridgewater Oval.
  5. Mapsheet 2B: correction to the first 600m of spur trail to Hahndorf starting from Bridgewater Playground.
  6. Mapsheet 2B: when entering Morialta Conservation Park from Norton Summit, there is a 140m long low water crossing and when water levels are high there is a 1.6km long high water crossing alternate route.
  7. Mapsheet 2B: the reroute through Morialta Conservation Park has been tidied up in the GPS files.
  8. Mapsheet 6A: a correction to the GPS file to include the 2015 reroute along Sheepyard Track.
  9. Mapsheet 6B: A minor along streets within Melrose, re-route down Brewery and Lambert Sts.
  10. Mapsheet 7A: the north and south routes around the waterfall upstream from Depot Creek have been tidied up.
  11. Mapsheet 8A: a 3km section of the trail south Red Range Campsite has been tidied up.
  12. Mapsheet 8B: The trail has been adjusted when passing the Wilpena Information Centre. The new 800m route avoids the 1.5km route around the resort and caravan park.

The Heysen Trail Distances page has also been updated to show the new more accurate distances between towns and campsites along the trail.

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: 6 re-routes and corrections

The GPS files for use for navigation in handheld GPS units have been updated. These are the first updates since April 2014. The updates includes 6 re-routes and corrections.

The following six re-routes have been added:

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: 6 re-routes and corrections

The GPS files for use for navigation in handheld GPS units have been updated. These are the first updates since 12 months ago. The updates includes 6 re-routes and corrections.

The following three re-routes have been added:

The following corrections have been made:

  • Re-route of trail through Horsnell Gully has been updated. Although included as a re-route at the time, the GPS file was not accurately updated to include this re-route, map S3.4
  • Fine-tuning of Heysen Trail at Cape Jervis, immediately after trailhead, map S1.1
  • Minor re-route (max 80m parallel to original trail) at Naiko Inlet included, too minor to post as separate re-route