Take a survey for a student: hiking the Heysen Trail

Hayley McCreath, a senior student from Woodcroft College, is researching hiking on the Heysen Trail for her SACE Research Project. Her question is “What preparations would need to be considered when walking the whole Heysen Trail?”.

Take a moment to fill in her survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M98WDB8

Answers are anonymous. The survey will take 2-7 minutes to fill in.

Hayley says, “I think that the trail is one of South Australia’s hidden gems so if you can help me to promote it through my Research Project I will be very grateful.”

Talk on safety for people hiking in remote areas

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A talk on safety for people hiking in remote areas will be held on Tuesday 12 March at 7.30pm.

Hosted by WalkingSA, the guest speakers are Trevor Arnold, SES Commander North Region (including Flinders Ranges) and Manager, Technical Services, and Anthony Chan, Manager, Electric Bug.

Trevor will speak about when and why bushwalkers should carry a safety device; how the SES is alerted to and responds to an emergency; the time delay from distress signal to arrival on site, for remote areas like Parachilna; and what is the surest device to achieve the surest response in the shortest time?

Anthony Chan will speak compare devices, including looking at initial costs, recurring costs and reliability.

The talk will be at the Greening Australia Building, 5 Fitzgerald Road, Pasadena, on Tuesday 12 March at 7.30pm. Please RSVP to Walking SA via office@walkingsa.org.au or (08) 8276 5090.

New look website – works on smartphones and tablets

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Our website has been refreshed and is now optimized to work on smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers.

Visit our new-look website.


The website reformats itself to display on different devices – meaning it is always easy to read and easy to use regardless of whether you are using a smartphone, like an iPhone or Android, or a tablet, like a iPad or Galaxy, or a laptop or desktop computer.

Registering for a walk on your smartphone will now be an easy task. As well as a new look, the front page has been streamlined to provide key information of interest to independent hikers, and people hiking with the Friends.

The Interactive Maps page has been upgraded so it now works natively on smartphones and tablets. The End-to-End points have also been updated and re-installed to the Interactive Map.

A new area of the website has been created featuring the Day on the Heysen Trail – the Warren Bonython Memorial Walk (Sunday 6 October 2013). This will be updated in coming months with more information, including a feature allowing people to choose the different section of the trail they could walk, and include other event information.


Soon the registration system will be upgraded. This will allow you to log-in, making walk registration easy, and you will be able to review your walk history. The complicated PayPal payment system will be replaced by a simple NAB payment interface.


Later, our forums and shop areas of the website will be upgraded so they too work on smartphones and tablets. Our shop will feature all the products sold in our physical shop.

Visit our new-look website now.

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Click on image to view larger image