Section 6: Tugwell Road to Inman Valley

This section follows country roads, farm fencelines, forest trails and attractive road reserves. Native orchids, grass trees, abundant birdlife and classic Fleurieu farmland views make this a walk to remember. Take time out to explore the views from the Robinson Hill Camp Site.

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Mapsheet 1B, Tunkalilla Beach to Victor Harbor;
Mapsheet 1C, Victor Harbor to Mount Cone

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Location of Tugwell Road
789 617
(278900 6061700 zone 54)
Latitude: -35.5637287611 (35° 33' 49.4235")
Longitude: 138.5604196917 (138° 33' 37.5109")
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Location of Inman Valley
694 692
(269400 6069200 zone 54)
Latitude: -35.4940046306 (35° 29' 38.4167")
Longitude: 138.4578218861 (138° 27' 28.1588")
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