Newland Hill ‘bench’

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Mapsheet 1B, Tunkalilla Beach to Victor Harbor
Southern Guidebook, chapter 1, map 6
Grid ref: 796 590
Longitude: 138.568012
Latitude: -35.587724
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Walker's bench

Camping is not permitted here.

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7 thoughts on “Newland Hill ‘bench’

  1. Are there any alternative campsites nearby to prevent having to hike all the way to Robinson Hill?

  2. This is the only place I can find that says no camping. Apart from the sign on the trailhead /style at Range Road.

    Are the maps going to be updated?

    • Carl, The maps are in the process of being updated, as stocks run low and money is available. It’s in the hands of the department.

      • Why is this place listed under “accommodation options “ if camping isn’t allowed? Someone could plan to stay here based on the listing and get a surprise when they arrive. That’s what happened to me last year, but the listing details have since then added that camping is not allowed.

        • Hi Julia, The accommodation list provides details of water tanks as well as campsites.
          Some locations, such as Mt Cone are classified as WATER ONLY locations as they have a tank, but camping is not permitted.

          Newland Hill is classified as an OTHER location as it doesn’t have a tank and camping is not allowed (as noted in the Facilities section). It is left on the Accommodation list to advise walkers who may previously camped there, that it is no longer available for that purpose.

          Unfortunately in some locations nearby landholders have had problems with walkers/visitors interfering with stock or not respecting their property rights. So we are no longer able to use Newland Hill as a campsite.

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