2nd FoHT Kokoda Report

I had a call from John Potter this afternoon. The group are all safe and well in Port Moresby. Arrived this afternoon as scheduled – after a 4.30am rise this morning.

His comments –
• A much drier track than for the previous group.
• Found it tough yet a great experience. Enjoyed it greatly.
• Kevin Liddiard said it was toughest thing he’s ever done.
• Were 6 "girls" and 8 "boys" in the group.
• Leader was a younger lady whom John took a shine too. (at least it sounded that way)
• Good socialising with card playing at night.
• Had v little rain – no coats needed while walking.
• John took 300 photos.

And of course – Simon played bagpipes on a number of occasions.

Flinders 3D Documentary

A 3D documentary is currently screening at IRIS Cinema (located in the Mercury Cinema) featuring the Flinders Ranges – Arkaroola, Wilpena and the Pinnacles near Quorn.

All advertised sessions have sold out, however there are a few extra sessions available on Tuesday 8 July, and demand pending a session on Wednesday 9 July.

Tim Baier is personally presenting his 3D production "Standing in Amazement"

Ignite your imagination as the silver screen transforms into a breathtaking window looking across the extraordinary landscapes of the Flinders Ranges.

Almost touch the beautiful crystals from Mt Gee, be amazed by the extraordinary flora and fauna, and be in awe of the cataclysmic events that shaped our Earth.

IRIS Cinema, 13 Morphett St Adelaide
$15 / $12 concession
Seating is limited to 35, advance purchase call 08 8410 0979 between 9:30-5:00 Mon-Fri. All advertised sessions have sold out, phone for details and availability of additional sessions.