Fire Danger Season dates

The Heysen Trail passes through 4 Fire Ban Districts, as detailed below (and on Most sections of the trail are closed during the Fire Ban Season. These are the normal dates, no dates have been brought forward this year.

1. Mount Lofty Ranges – 1 Dec 09
2. Adelaide Metropolitan – 1 Dec 09
3. Mid North – 15 Nov 09
4. Flinders – 1 Nov 09

CFS Fire Danger Season web url:

View short video of Heysen Trail

At the Friends June LWE at Collinsville, a few of us with Arthur of Burra, met Josh of Perth – 31 days from Cape Jervis, at the east end of Tourilie Gorge.
He did complete the trail on July 8th, collected the certificate from Jack – and has posted his video of the walk –

I came across this video from a forum entry he made on the FoHT site.
At 19yo he may be the youngest to walk the Trail – esp solo??
Anyone know of a younger walker?