Changes to Bus Payment

As of Monday 21st June 2010, any walks involving buses must be paid for at the time of registration.
There will be no Cash on the Day.
You can pay on line either using

  • PayPal account-very easy to set up and very secure
    PayPal using a credit card-must be done for each booking, however still secure
  • Through the office. Phone booking using your Credit Card – fiddly, however it’s secure
  • In person at the office -either cash or credit card-like any purchase.

Too easy!!

NOTE The Friends pay for the buses regardless of how many walkers turn up. Often it is the Cash on the Day walkers who fail to show up. This then leaves the Friends to cover the cost and often denies another walker a seat, particularly if it’s a limited numbers walk.

End-to-End 3 June Long weekend

Wow â stunning views over the plains, Pt Pirie and gulf. The lower Flinders ridge has a lot of ups and downs creating serious walking along the Heysen Trail, to The Bluff and beyond. The low scrub with small soft looking yaccas indicate a lower rainfall, tho we walked on wet or soggy ground for 3 days, with lots of sun and no rain. Morning frost covering everything and we scraped ice off the windscreens for our early starts. Itâs good to see the country greening up, and the farmers were busy out on the tractors as we reached farmland on Monday. Our nos were down due to travelling leaders, a few illnesses and bad backs. The Queens Birthday command performances on Sat night showed what talent is in the group (and lack of it in some members). Royalty attend and mixed with serfs, and all loudly applauded the entertainment (the good and the bad). On Monday a couple ladies tried to take us along the Mawson Trailâ but we didnât have bikes! Mt Remarkable kept getting bigger, with the thought that we will be on top on our next trip north. 2 of us were able to enjoy a Stone Hut quandong pie, with cream (of course) for morning tea on the trail. Yet we missed out on their vanilla slices, just, after 15 mins queuing on Monday. Thanks must go to long time supporters of our Trailwalker mag, Talyala Hills/Smith Farmstay and Taralee Orchard who accommodated the leaders over the past 2 trips. Both great places to stay.