Registrations Extended for End-to-End 9

Blowhole_Beach_walking_on_the_Heysen_TrailRegistrations have been extended for our new End-to-End walking group, starting the Heysen Trail at Cape Jervis on May 18.

We have put on an extra bus to allow for increased capacity.

End-to-End 9 is the ninth group to make this undertaking since 2001. The group will commence hiking the entire Heysen Trail at Cape Jervis, walking one Sunday a month during the walk season, progressing up the 1,200km Heysen Trail to Parachilna Gorge over a number of years. End-to-end walks are run as part of our walk programme, and are for those wishing to complete the entire Heysen Trail. As the schedule and trail logistics are done by the Friends organisation it is easy for walkers to participate, and many enjoy the social aspect of the group.

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Heysen Trail re-opens with close of Fire Danger Season

The entire length of the Heysen Trail re-opens tommorrow following the conclusion of the Fire Danger Season in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Mid North Fire Ban Districts.

The northern half of the trail, from Wirrabara, reopened on April 15 following the conclusion of the Fire Ban Season in the Flinders Ranges Fire Ban District. Tomorrow the entire length of the trail will re-open, and will remain so until November 2014 when the 2014/15 summer Fire Danger Season begins.

View more information about how the Fire Danger Season affects the Heysen Trail.

View the CFS media release confirming the conclusion of the Fire Danger Season.

The Trail remains closed through Wirrabara Forest following January/February’s Bangor bushfire. The trail from the Northern Guide Map 2.2 through to Map 2.9 is closed indefinitely due to infrastructure damage, the risk of falling trees and forestry clean-up operations. We will post information about a temporary re-route shortly. View map of affected area.

The Trail remains closed through Bundaleer Forest following the January 2013 bushfire. A temporary re-route is in place.

Registrations for End-to-End 9

From this Monday we’re anticipating high demand to register for our next End-to-End group program, End-to-End 9, walking from Cape Jervis to Cobbler Hill on Sunday 18 May, 2014.

View the walkers introduction to End-to-End walks.

As our organisation is run by volunteers, and our end-to-end group programs are very popular when a new group starts from Cape Jervis, we need to stipulate an event capacity. We anticipate that like the group that started this time last year, demand may be high.

Registrations open at 12:01am on Monday 28 April. Spaces are limited to first-come-first-served. We are not taking early registrations or reservations.

Should the event’s capacity be reached, we will take people’s details on an overflow list. A link to the list will be shown on the event page when capacity is almost reached. This will assist us to determine demand and evaluate solutions. Should a place become available, we will contact you to offer you the place. Due to capacity demands this offer will only be open for 48 hours. After that time we will offer the place to the next person on the list.

Alternatively, we have 4 other End-to-End groups accepting registrations:

1. End-to-End 8: Mt Compass

2. End-to-End 7: Mt Crawford

3. End-to-End 6: Riverton

4. End-to-End 5: Wirrabara (near Port Pirie)

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: 6 re-routes and corrections

The GPS files for use for navigation in handheld GPS units have been updated. These are the first updates since 12 months ago. The updates includes 6 re-routes and corrections.

The following three re-routes have been added:

The following corrections have been made:

  • Re-route of trail through Horsnell Gully has been updated. Although included as a re-route at the time, the GPS file was not accurately updated to include this re-route, map S3.4
  • Fine-tuning of Heysen Trail at Cape Jervis, immediately after trailhead, map S1.1
  • Minor re-route (max 80m parallel to original trail) at Naiko Inlet included, too minor to post as separate re-route