Section 25: Burra Road to Worlds End

Region: Mid North

The trail crosses undulating farmland before entering the scrubland of the Hallelujah Hills. The day finishes with an easy stroll to Worlds End Gorge. As you leave Worlds End Road look for the remnants of broken swing bridge on the right that used to cross the creek between two huge gum trees.

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Mapsheet 3D, Tothill Gap to Burra

Southern Guidebook, chapter 5 map 9.
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Location of Burra Road
113 518
(311300 6251800 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.8572485389 (33° 51' 26.0947")
Longitude: 138.9602093444 (138° 57' 36.7536")
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Location of Worlds End
192 549
(319200 6254900 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.8306888833 (33° 49' 50.48")
Longitude: 139.04619788603 (139° 2' 46.3124")
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