Heysen Trail closure in Mt Brown & Dutchmans Stern Conservation Parks from Thursday 1st to Friday 9th September.


The Dutchmans Stern and Mt Brown Conservation Parks will be closed from 6pm on Thursday 1 September 2016 until 6am on Friday 9 September 2016.

The purpose of the closure is to ensure the safety of the public during a pest control program within the parks during the period indicated.

The Heysen Trail passes through these parks, so you are warned not to attempt to enter them at those times.

The Mount Brown Conservation Park is located between Wilmington and Quorn:

  • Chapter 3, map 7 of the Northern Guidebook and
  • Mapheet 6C, Wirrabara Forest to Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park.

The Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park is just north of Quorn and can be found on the following maps

  • Chapter 4, map 2 of the Northern Guidebook and
  • Mapheets 6D, Wirrabara Forest to Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park and
    7A, Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek.

Signs will be placed at points where the Heysen Trail enters the parks during the closure.

Please direct any enquiries to Natural Resources, Northern & Yorke.

Walkers be warned – Bees!

Bees love Canola

Now is the time you need to take caution when walking near flowering crops. We are now at the highest risk of being attacked by bees.

August to October sees canola crops come into full flower providing picturesque bright yellow fields. The flowers attract bees and the installation of commercial bee hives (clusters of white boxes). Bees don’t take kindly to any interference (intentional or not) and can attack en masse.

What you need to do:

  1. To reduce the risk, walkers are strongly advised to avoid walking between the bee hives and neighbouring canola crops in flower.
  2. If your walking trail passes a group of hives, take a wide berth away from them. If possible, stick to made tracks or walk along fencelines.  You should avoid walking through crops when off trail.
  3. If you have experienced reactions to bee stings, you are responsible for carrying appropriate medication. You should also advise your walk leader of any medical condition before you commence your walk.