Harvesting Operations in Kuitpo Forest

ForestrySA operations in Kuitpo Forest will impact the Heysen Trail into the foreseeable future.

Walkers in this forest may encounter closed plantation blocks as harvesting operations are undertaken. The presence of heavy machinery and falling trees makes it highly dangerous, and heavy trucks using the haul roads add to the risk. Walkers must not enter the harvesting areas under any circumstance (penalties apply).

ForestrySA Rangers and Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers will ensure that safe reroutes are in place and are clearly marked. Walkers should follow the marked reroute trail until the new track rejoins the Heysen Trail. Reroute signs will be placed at the start and finish of the reroute. From time to time, it will be necessary to reroute the Trail along public roads. Walkers are advised to take extra care on public roads, to always walk on the right, facing traffic and to always walk in single file.

Mapsheet 2D: Reroute at Dewells Block, Mt Crawford Forest

Forestry SA has advised that commencing in early October 2023, logging operations will be undertaken in Dewells block of the Mt Crawford Forest.

The reroute is depicted by the bold red line in the attached map pdf.

For walkers heading northbound, the reroute heads north along Warren Road, following the fence line until it crosses Cricks Mill Road and enters Mount Road. It follows Mount Road, past the access to Fromms Farm, and turns east at Grid Reference 131 564. It then ascends up  Little Mount Crawford, where it rejoins the Trail.

Due to the short notice given to us, we do not have a gpx file of the reroute.

Forestry have installed ‘No Access Logging Operations’ signs at the beginning and end of the reroute and reroute markers along the new route.

The logging operations are expected to take 6-8 weeks.

Mapsheet 1D – Mount Magnificent summit loop

A recent addition to the trail in the Mount Magnificent Conservation Park has created a loop allowing walkers easier access to the summit of Mt Magnificent. The 3.5 km loop follows the Parks SA ‘Mount Magnificent Loop Trail’.

The GPX file was updated on 6th February 2024 to a more accurate route line.

Prior to the change, north bound walkers were able to access the summit by taking the spur 500 metres west of the Mt Magnificent Rd. This old spur is remains in place.

To create the loop, Parks rangers marked a second (eastern) spur approximately 100 metres west of the park entrance off Mt Magnificent Rd. In addition to being marked as the Mt Magnificent Loop, this part of the trail also has the traditional red coloured Heysen Trail arrows.

Walkers heading in a south- north bound direction will take the new spur trail to the south. This part of the loop heads south gradually getting closer to the road before turning west to join the original spur just below the summit. The short but steep climb to the summit (380 metres above sea level) affords a magnificent view!

Walkers then return to the trail proper by turning around to descend to the the loop and this time following the old spur trail north.

Walkers not intending to do the loop walk have the option of the shorter east to west section of the original trail. This 500 metre section of the trail is now marked with black arrows as an alternative Heysen Trail route.

Mapsheet 5A: Bundaleer Reservoir

A new reroute has been established near the Bundaleer Reservoir. The reroute crosses into SA Water land on the southern side of the channel opposite the crossing of the Spalding-Gulnare Rd where the Heysen Trail follows the channel from Spalding.

Walking from south to north, the re-route proceeds directly across the Gulnare-Spalding Rd from the channel (Grid Ref 716 938) and crosses a stile next to the SA Water entrance gate. The trail follows a track for 100 m to a ford then directly up the hill to a stile that crosses into SA Water land.

Once in the SA Water land the trail crosses to the Ring Rd around the reservoir and follows this road across the dam wall and around to the Reservoir Car Park/Toilet at the North-Western corner of the reservoir (Grid Ref 710 958).

The trail leaves the car park on the western side and after 50 m crosses a stile into private property, (the trail follows the northern channel but NOT in the fenced off channel land). The trail then follows the fence within the private property until it reaches the Aquaduct where it crosses a stile and meets up with the existing trail (at Grid Ref 706 969) and follows the existing trail north.

New End to End walk start point. The Reservoir car park is now the end point for End to End Walk 33 and the start point for Walk 34. The E2E point has been moved from the Chlorinator, as the trail no longer passes that feature.

Mapsheet 3B: Maryvale re-route south of Hamilton

A temporary re-route has been marked on the Heysen Trail just south of Hamilton. The affected section of the trail is shown  on Heysen Trail Mapsheet 3B..

The re-route has been established to address landholder concerns about walker access to farming property.

For walkers northbound, after exiting a property at grid reference 046 059, the trail now turns left onto Allen Creek Road and continues to the junction with Marrabel Road.

Again the trail turns left and follows Marrabel Road for approx 1.5 kilometres. Walkers are advised to walk on the gravel verge and take extreme care on this section of road.

The trail then turns left and follows Taylors Run Rd before turning right (northwards) onto Hydedale Rd.  After 2 kms the re-route rejoins the original trail on Cornvale Road at grid reference 033 100.

Mapsheet 1D and 2A: Alternate Route at Knott Hill Plantation (Kuitpo Forest )

Walkers now have the option of two routes through Knott Hill Plantation. The re-route affects both Mapsheets 1D & 2A.

The original route via Knott Hill planation

Following the completion of a logging operation commenced in September 2021, the original trail has been restored.

This route heads westwards along Wicks Road before heading northwards towards Stagecoach Lane (6km).

The new optional route following sections of the Onkeeta & Willunga Basin Trail

The new route involves a walk further to the east.

It departs the main Trail at grid reference 898 027 and follows the Onkeeta and Willunga Basin Trails northward. It skirts along the eastern side of the forest before rejoining the main trail on Stagecoach Lane  at grid reference 904 054. The distance for this option is 3.5 kms

This additional route is designed to avoid sections of the Knott Hill plantation which may be logged from time to time.

It is marked as an alternative route, and will remain available in the event of future logging operations nearby.

Mapsheet 3D: Goyder Windfarm – temporary re-route east of Huppatz Hut

A  temporary re-route has been marked north of Huppatz Hut to avoid construction works associated with the Goyder Wind Farm.

The section of the trail affected by the re-route is shown on Heysen Trail Mapsheet 3D.

The existing trail heads east from Huppatz Hut before the re-route diverts walkers from the trail  at  grid reference  089 509.

The re-route heads due north contouring up the ridge, before a switchback at grid reference 089 514 that brings you to the summit.

The new route crosses the construction road and then heads east adjoining the old trail over a new stile at  grid reference 092 514.

While classified as a temporary re-route, we expect that it may be in place for 18-24 months.