Section 32: North Booborowie Rd to Spalding Rd

Region: Mid North

Most of this section is spent walking south, initially along the crest of Brown Hill Range, following the remnants of an old 1840s stone wall (the longest in SA). It is quite an undulating walk, with little shelter from the elements, however the views make up for any discomfort. The last 5-6 km follow rural back roads to the main Spalding to Burra road.

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Mapsheet 4C, Hallett to Spalding

Southern Guidebook, chapter 6 map 9.
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Location of North Booborowie Rd
916 970
(291661 6297075 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.445512 (33° 26' 43.8432")
Longitude: 138.758669 (138° 45' 31.2084")
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Location of Spalding Rd
825 846
(282500 6284600 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.5561195333 (33° 33' 22.0303")
Longitude: 138.6571471389 (138° 39' 25.7297")
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