Section 14: Montacute Heights to Cudlee Creek

After an initial road walk, the trail makes a very long and steep descent to Sixth Creek before climbing again through Montacute Conservation Park and Mt Crawford Forest Reserve. A pleasant walk past the pretty private gardens along Holland Creek Road completes the section.

Walkers please note: Due to damage caused by the Cudlee Creek fire in December 2019, Forestry SA has closed access to the Heysen Trail in the vicinity of Cudlee Creek, with the affected section shown on this exclusion zone map.

The exclusion zone commences at the eastern exit of Montacute Conservation Park (Grid Ref 983 377) and concludes when the trail leaves Forestry property at Snake Gully Rd (GR 014 402).

Due to the location of the trail in relation to the extensive exclusion zone, finding an alternative route is presenting some difficulties. However, our Trail Development Team is attempting to find a way, but it may be some time before a re-route is approved.

All walkers are advised to avoid the area. Trail closure signs have been erected by Forestry SA.

Any walker planning to walk the whole trail this year, including through Cudlee Creek should email the Friends Office to seek advice on alternative arrangements. One option would include taking vehicular transport to avoid the area. Refer to this news item for further information.

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Mapsheet 2B, Bridgewater Oval to Stone Hut Road;
Mapsheet 2C, Stone Hut Road to Tower Hill

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Location of Montacute Heights
941 351
(294100 6135100 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.9056686583 (34° 54' 20.4072")
Longitude: 138.7463882667 (138° 44' 46.9978")
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Location of Cudlee Creek
008 420
(300800 6142000 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.8448296139 (34° 50' 41.3866")
Longitude: 138.8213148972 (138° 49' 16.7336")
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