Section 15: Cudlee Creek to The Nugget Rd

The trail leads walkers through the rolling hills of the South Mt Lofty Ranges and sections of Mt Crawford Forest. The climb towards Mt Gould provides outstanding views.

Walkers take care!  Temporary re-route creates dangerous road crossing of North East Rd.

As this is a temporary re-route, it is not shown in the latest gpx file dated 9/5/2022 vers 4.2.

Reroute of the Heysen Trail near Chain of Ponds where it crosses North East Road

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Mapsheet 2C, Stone Hut Road to Tower Hill;
Mapsheet 2C, Stone Hut Road to Tower Hill

Southern Guidebook, chapter 3 map 7.
chapter 3 map 8.

plus extra distance of 1.2km
Location of Cudlee Creek
008 420
(300800 6142000 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.8448296139 (34° 50' 41.3866")
Longitude: 138.8213148972 (138° 49' 16.7336")
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Location of The Nugget Rd
090 518
(309000 6151800 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.7580878 (34° 45' 29.1161")
Longitude: 138.9131736 (138° 54' 47.425")
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