End 2 End 3 – A double celebration weekend

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On Sun 14 June Michelle completed the Heysen Trail – for the second time! (is this the first for a lady?) and husband Jerry completed his first End 2 End (the first of many?). The celebration (accompanied with the bagpipe) was at the end of 2 days of walking – Web Gap Road to Burra Gorge. Congratulations and well done Michelle and Jerry (well known for their leadership with the End 2 End 2 walkers). Despite predictions, the walks were free from rain – although we needed protection from the very strong, cold head-wind on Sat. One group pushed onto Huppatz Hut for a late lunch, and welcome shelter! Some road walking was enhanced with the wonderful vistas from the top of the ranges, and with stretches of mallee scrub. Some precision walking was required as the crops in some paddocks gave very little room along the fence line.

And watch out for the fallen fence posts! Bunny ears, butterflies, a bowling outfit, and beanies to bowler hats fitted the B for Burra theme, and Bogart and Bacall joined in with the noisy crowd which filled the Golf Clubrooms Sat. night (as well as that well-known Blond Bimbo Ben!). Another good weekend on the trail.