Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: 13 re-routes and corrections

A collection of re-routes and corrections of the trail path in the downloadable GPX file and Interactive Map.

These re-routes have also had a minor +3km impact on the Heysen Trail Distances.

The following re-routes, updates and corrections have been added::

  1. Mapsheet 2B – minor correction of display of trail route around Morialta Barns
  2. Mapsheet 2D – reroute of trail along Tower Rd/Ross Fire Track to take the trail off Wirra Wirra Rd
  3. Mapsheet 3A – minor correction of display of trail route to show it following Roennfeldt Rd near Sturt Highway
  4. Mapsheet 3B – minor, display Marrabel ‘Walk-in’ site on download files
  5. Mapsheet 4A – show reroute of trail through the southern part of Caroona Creek Conservation Park, and more accurate alignment in the northern part of the Conservation Park
  6. Mapsheet 5A – minor, display Bundaleer Sports ground campsite on download files
  7. Mapsheet 5B – show reroute of trail through main street of Crystal Brook
  8. Mapsheet 5B – show reroute of trail north of Bowman Park
  9. Mapsheet 6A – show reroute of trail in Wirrabara forest approaching Block 9 Road
  10. Mapsheet 6A – minor, display White Park Tank on download files. This tank will be installed in June 2022.
  11. Mapsheet 6B – minor realignment of route along the Pine Track
  12. Mapsheet 6C – minor correction of display of trail route approaching Horrocks Pass, and more accurate alignment along the pass.
  13. Mapsheet 6D – include alternate Heysen Trail route of the The Dutchmans Stern Hike.