Centennial Drive

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (medium),
Water Tank
Southern Guidebook, chapter 3, map 9
Mt Crawford Forest
Grid ref: 133 581
Longitude: 138.960785
Latitude: -34.69939
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Forestry SA.
Mt Crawford Forest Information Centre.
A ranger is in attendance at the Mount Crawford Forest Office Warren Road. Office hours: 10am - 12pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
For enquiries outside these hours, please phone or email. Telephone: (08) 8521 1700. Email: forestrysa@forestrysa.com.au


Bookings are not required - this campsite is reserved for Heysen Trail walkers.
As walker's plans may change at short notice, Forestry SA accept that bookings in advance can be impractical.
Picnic tables, pit toilet, untreated rainwater and a three-sided shelter with a fireplace.

Centennial Drive is a ‘walk in’ campsite reserved for hikers, including those walking the Heysen Trail.
After being closed for several years due to logging operations, this campsite is now reopened.
Please note that in addition to fire bans applicable to the Mt Lofty Region, special fire restrictions apply to Forestry SA campsites. Provided that a fire ban has not been imposed by the Country Fire Service: Wood fires are permitted within the forest from 1 May to 31 October each year. Gas fires are permitted from 1 April to 30 November. Fireplaces should be cleared of all flammable material for a distance of 4 metres. Someone must be present at all times and ensure that the fire is fully extinguished before leaving. Fines will be imposed if this advice is disregarded. Refer to the Mt Crawford Forest (East) Visitor Brochure for further information. Occasionally access to Forest reserves may be restricted. Refer to the Forestry SA webpage to check whether there are any upcoming closures for Mt Crawford Forest. https://www.forestrysa.com.au/recreation/mount-crawford-kuitpo/

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6 thoughts on “Centennial Drive

  1. Forestry SA advise no O/N camping here for foreseeable future due to it being an area of Aboriginal significance.

    • John, We contacted the local ranger and this is not the case and O/N camping is OK for Heysen Trail walkers.

    • Centennial Drive is a ‘walk in’ campsite reserved for hikers, including those walking the Heysen Trail.
      Note = since the introduction of on-line booking for other Forestry SA sites in May 2020, permits are no longer required for Centennial Drive.

  2. Should be recorded as “Open” in 2014, no current forest operations, shelter/toilets etc visible from Trail, why not say its open? Forest SA say its for group camping, so perhaps they can now confirm its available for Heysen Hikers as well. There is a shortage of campsites near Adelaide and this one needs to be re opened.

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