Section 51: Warren Gorge to Buckaringa Gorge

August 2020, section numbers altered:

  1. Sections previously numbered 51 to 55 have been renumbered to accomodate what was previously Section 50, from Eyre Depot to Buckaringa, to be split into two smaller more manageable sections: Section 50 Eyre Depot to Warren Gorge, and Section 51 Warren Gorge to Buckaringa. So what was Section 51 is now Section 52, and what was 52 now 53, and what was 53 now 54, and what was 54 now 55.
  2. Sections previously numbered 55 and 56 have been combined into Section 56, from Mt Little Station to Moralana Scenic Drive.

Walkers starting from Warren Gorge will use the scenic spur trail to meet the through-trail at Peter's Corner and head north towards Mount Arden South campsite. Just north of the campsite the trail leaves the creek to climb the exposed Mount Arden summit for spectacular 360 degree views. The trail then follows the main ridgeline before descending down to a pretty but rugged creek to exit at Buckaringa Gorge.

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Mapsheet 7A, Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to north of Mt Arden;
Mapsheet 7B, North of Mt Arden to Willochra Creek

Northern Guidebook, chapter 4 map 4.
chapter 4 map 5.
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plus extra distance of 4.9km
Location of Warren Gorge
177 354
(217736 6435449 zone 54)
Latitude: -32.1821 (32° 10' 55.56")
Longitude: 138.00633333333 (138° 0' 22.8")
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Location of Buckaringa Gorge
215 429
(221500 6442900 zone 54)
Latitude: -32.1159159333 (32° 6' 57.2974")
Longitude: 138.0483685083 (138° 2' 54.1266")
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