1. Wild South Coast Way incl. Kings Beach to Victor Harbor spur, May 2022

Complete gpx file of the Wild South Coast Way on the Heysen Trail – Cape Jervis to Victor Harbor.

This file incorporates:

  • a minor re-route away from the road at Tapanappa and a spur trail to the Yapari Ngawanthi/Cliffs ‘walk-in’ site. (Heysen Trail Mapsheet 1A)
  • a spur trail heading east from Kings Beach (Heysen Trail Mapsheet 1B) to Kent Reserve, Victor Harbor.

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2. Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall, June 2016

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Re-Route of Heysen Trail near Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall

Re-Route of Heysen Trail near Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall (2)The Heysen Trail has been re-routed just west of Trig Campsite, through the campsite and down into Deep Creek waterfall. The new trail is a great improvement on the original trail, with a more gentle descent down to the waterfall. The trail crosses Tent Rock Road at the northern entrance to the campsite, with a new car parking area.

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3. Stairs and Viewing Platform closed at Waitpinga Beach, July 2016

Steps at Waitpinga Beach following sand erosion

Some structural elements of the lower steps no longer reach the sand

The steps and viewing platform at Waitpinga Beach have been closed due to continued sand erosion.

Walkers should find alternative access directly across the sand dunes until the infrastructure has been renewed. DEWNR staff will continue to monitor the sand erosion and structure. We expect alternative arrangements will be put in place, including in the short term a marked route through the sand dunes.

Last August the lower steps were replaced with a dutch sand ladder, but this solution hasn’t worked and has since been removed. The entire structure has now been closed. Prior to approx 2012 there were two separate sets of stair structures, these were removed and replaced with a new single structure, which is the one now affected by erosion.

The viewing platform has been undermined

The viewing platform has been undermined

4. Re-route at Robinson Hill/Jaggers Block, September 2022

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This minor re-route relates to the original September 2014 version of Map sheet 1 (Cape Jervis to Kuitpo).

When walking south-north, the re-route starts at the intersection of Prouse, Hancock and Keens Road following a fence line west behind a telephone tower to enter the Robinson Hill walk-in site.

Just prior to the tank and platform it turns north west, out of the campsite, down into and through a disused quarry, to cross Hancock Road and enters the Jaggers Forest, over a step-ladder stile.

It then follows the fence line of the forest, initially west, then north, then west again with a final northerly turn to exit the forest onto Roads Lane, over a stile.

The re-route avoids temporary reroutes through the the forest which may arise due to future logging operations.

This re-route was marked in early September 2022, which was just in time to be included in the new Edition 2 of Map sheet 1.

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7. Re-route at Christmas Hill Rd (Kuitpo Forest), September 2021

This temporary re-route has been restored to the original trail alignment

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Forestry SA advises that logging operations in the Christmas Hill area of Kuitpo Forest will impact on the Heysen Trail for the next few months.

The reroute takes walkers westward from the airstrip gate (Grid Reference 904 968) towards Christmas Hill Road. It then follows the main Brookman Road, passing behind Woodcutters Cottage (GR 894 990) until it turns eastward at Gate CH3 (GR 896 994), rejoining the Trail at GR 904 994.

Walkers are advised to be very careful of heavy trucks when crossing the haul road immediately to the north of Woodcutters Cottage.

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8. Temporary Re-route at Bells Gully, Kuitpo Forest, April 2023

This is a temporary re-route

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ForestrySA has advised that extensive logging operations in the Bells Gully area, will impact on walker safety on the Heysen Trail.

There is now a re-route between Kyeema Conservation Park and Brookman-Connor Road.
The re-route affects both the original version (September 2014) and the September 2022 (version 2) of Mapsheet 1D.

An expansion of the logging operations area in late April has resulted in an major change to the trail. This has required a re-route to the east, adding a further 2km to this section.

Walkers (northbound) will deviate from the trail at grid reference 900 962. The re-route follows forest break tracks eastward to Blackfellows Creek Road. From there  the new trail will head northwards to the junction with Brookman-Connor Road at grid reference 914 968. The trail then heads westwards along Brookman-Connor Road until it re-joins the trail near the car park at grid reference 903 968.

Walkers take care

Walkers must not enter the closed logging areas at any time and are advised to take great care of heavy logging vehicles when crossing  and walking along Brookman-Connor Road.

This re-route will remain in place for several months.

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9. Re-route at Kyeema – exit off Woodgate Hill Rd, December 2022

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The Heysen Trail has been permanently re-routed through Kyeema Conservation Park, parallel to Woodgate Hill Road but completely within the Park boundary.

Northbound, it enters the Park through the gate at the junction of Woodgate Hill and Blackfellows Creek Roads (Mapsheet 1D and Southern Guidebook Map 2.8,  Grid Ref 909 942). The new route runs along the southern boundary of the Park until it re-joins the main Trail at Grid Ref.  899 943, near the Kyeema car park.

This re-route greatly improves walker safety by eliminating the undulating walk along Woodgate Hill Rd. It also provides a much more enjoyable walk through the park.

Walkers should exercise caution when crossing Woodgate Hill Road near the junction with Blackfellows Creek Road.

We appreciate the assistance of the Parks SA Rangers who helped with the route selection and trail marking.

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10. Re-route at Chookarloo Campground, Kuitpo Forest, January 2023

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This is a minor but permanent re-route of the Trail near Chookarloo Campground at Kuitpo Forest.

The new route directs walkers away from the Kuitpo Tree Climb and associated car park. Northbound, it deviates from the Trail at the Avenues Picnic Ground (Mapsheet 2A & Southern Guidebook, Map 2.9 at Grid Ref. 916 015), runs parallel with Black Nursery Road for 200 metres before crossing the road. The new trail then enters the forest at GR 918 015. After a short meander through a dense eucalypt forest, it rejoins the Trail just to the north of the Tree Climb area.

The two hike-in campsites at Chookarloo have been closed, but the other 21 campsites in this campground are available for hikers.

Walkers should be aware of increased road traffic when crossing Black Nursery Road and should avoid entering the Tree Climb facility and walking under the high ropes course. There is now a cafe at the the facility and walkers are welcome to take a break and tarry a while at the cafe. Please walk around the high ropes apparatus when accessing the cafe.

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11. Alternate Route at Knott Hill Plantation (Kuitpo Forest ), April 2023

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Walkers now have the option of two routes through Knott Hill Plantation. The re-route affects both Mapsheets 1D & 2A

The original route via Knott Hill planation

Following the completion of a logging operation commenced in September 2021, the original trail has been restored.

This route heads westwards along Wicks Road before heading northwards towards Stagecoach Lane (6km).

The new optional route following sections of the Onkeeta & Willunga Basin Trail

The new route involves a walk further to the east.

It departs the main Trail at grid reference 898 027 and follows the Onkeeta and Willunga Basin Trails northward. It skirts along the eastern side of the forest before rejoining the main trail on Stagecoach Lane  at grid reference 904 054. The distance for this option is 3.5 kms

This additional route is designed to avoid sections of the Knott Hill plantation which may be logged from time to time.

It is marked as an alternative route, and will remain available in the event of future logging operations nearby.

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12. Kuitpo – temporary re-route north of Christmas Hill Rd, June 2022

This temporary re-route has been restored to the original trail alignment

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This re-route is in the Christmas Hill plantation on Mapsheet 1D and Southern Guidebook Map 2.9.

The Trail is diverted westwards from Grid Reference 902 987 towards Brookman Road, passing behind Woodcutters Cottage at GR 895 992. It follows Brookman Road northwards until Gate CH4 at GR 900 998 when it turns eastwards along a firebreak. The reroute will join the Trail at GR 906 996.

Walkers should take care not to enter the logging areas shown on the map and to beware of logging trucks using the haul road immediately to the north of Woodcutters Cottage.

This reroute is likely to remain in place until the end of 2022.