2. Re-route of the Heysen Trail affecting Map 1.4 at Bundaleer Forest, May 2013 - updated May 2015, updated June 2016

This is a temporary re-route

This temporary re-route was established following the January 2013 Bundaleer Forest fire.

June 2016 UPDATE: The temporary re-route has been closed, and the Trail has been restored and re-marked along the original Heysen Trail alignment, as shown in the guidebooks and mapsheets.

Update October 2015: Curnows Hut has reopened following the 2013 bushfires.

This re-route around the forest remains in place.

Update May 2015:

The original 2013 re-route has been amended to include more forest, and New Campbell Hill. Curnows Hut remains closed for now.

Following January 2013 Bundaleer Forest bushfire, Forestry SA advises that the Heysen Trail through the Forest remains closed until further notice due to danger of tree falls, logging and heavy vehicle traffic. Logging is expected to continue for several months. In the meantime, walkers may bypass the danger area by using Browns Track, from Gate BG1 on Neindorf Road (GR 710 159) to the Heysen western exit from the forest (GR 703 138).

3. Crystal Brook Main Street, July 2021

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This short re-route that leads to the main street of Crystal Brook affords walkers the benefit of easy access to a number of businesses and amenities.

On entering Crystal Brook from the south, the Trail now heads along Darbon Terrace, before crossing under  the railway line and entering Bowman Street, the main street of Crystal Brook.

It takes the walker past various shops, the bakery and a toilet, before circuiting around Adelaide Square and joining  Eyre Road, before heading into the caravan park and rejoining the old route, after crossing the Crystal Brook via a short floodway.

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4. Re-route near Bowman Park – Huddleston, May 2021

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Due to the closure of the Heysen Trail as it heads north from Crystal Brook between Bowman Park and the Wilkins Highway (Hughes Gap) there is a re-route in place. The re-route was marked in May 2021.

For walkers following the south to north direction, the re-route commences at Bowman Park. Instead of heading north along the Crystal Brook the trail now heads south on Bowman Park Road.  The trail then heads west before turning north to eventually follow Heads Road and the the Pipeline Track. At the end of that track the trail returns to Heads Rd before meeting the old route at the Wilkins Highway.

The re-route of the trail in this area was due to damage caused to fences by people (other than walkers) mis-using the trail. An unfortunate reminder to all trail users to respect the trail and the private property it often traverses.

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