2. Re-route of the Heysen Trail affecting Map 1.4 at Bundaleer Forest, May 2013 - updated May 2015, updated June 2016

This is a temporary re-route

June 2016 UPDATE: This temporary re-route has been closed, and the Trail has been restored and re-marked along the original Heysen Trail alignment, as shown in the guidebooks and mapsheets.

Update October 2015: Curnows Hut has reopened following the 2013 bushfires.

This re-route around the forest remains in place.

Update May 2015:

The original 2013 re-route has been amended to include more forest, and New Campbell Hill. Curnows Hut remains closed for now.

Following January 2013 Bundaleer Forest bushfire, Forestry SA advises that the Heysen Trail through the Forest remains closed until further notice due to danger of tree falls, logging and heavy vehicle traffic. Logging is expected to continue for several months. In the meantime, walkers may bypass the danger area by using Browns Track, from Gate BG1 on Neindorf Road (GR 710 159) to the Heysen western exit from the forest (GR 703 138).

3. Re-route of Heysen Trail follows the Bundaleer Heysen Greenway through Bundaleer Forest, 2021

View pdf map showing re-route

Following the Bundaleer bushfire in 2013, the SA Government reviewed its tenure of the affected forestry plantations. Some of the land traversed by the Heysen Trail was transferred to private management.

As a result, the Heysen Trail has been re-routed considerably in this area. The new route over public land now involves an additional 22 kms. The previous direct route from Curnows Hut to New Campbell Hill is on private property and access is no longer permitted.

The Heysen Trail through the forest now follows the Bundaleer Heysen Greenway route via the Bundaleer Picnic Grounds. The new trail has been marked and is now accessible to walkers.

New Campbell Hill can be accessed by a short spur trail.

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