Hiskeys Hut

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Main bedroom
Main bedroom
Second bedroom
Second bedroom
Multi-purpose camping platform
Multi-purpose camping platform
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Mapsheet 5B, Hiskeys Hut to Wirrabara Forest
Northern Guidebook, chapter 1, map 6
Grid ref: 544 063
Longitude: 138.361325
Latitude: -33.35432542
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https://www.heysentrail.asn.au (Friends of the Heysen Trail)
This hut is maintained by Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers and reserved for Heysen Trail walkers and Mawson Trail cyclists. It is located on private property and not accessible to vehicles or caravans.
hut, water, multi-purpose camping platform, table, seats, sink, bunks (two rooms), fireplace, toilet
During the 1800s and 1900s the house was occupied by two generations of butchers, who had shops in either Georgetown or nearby Narridy. The slaughter house was on the rise east of the hut - hence the road name (Slaughterhouse Road). After WW1 a family of 6 children and 3 adults lived in the house. Between 1940 and 1950 the house was occupied by the Noll family, of which Wendy O'Hagan (nee Noll) now lives in Georgetown.

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10 thoughts on “Hiskeys Hut

  1. FOHT Trail Development team visited the hut on 8/4/2022. The Hut tank was full.

  2. E2E S2N there 31.5.21 Carol and Mick.
    Lovely Hut, 5 of us there! FOHT Wayne and 2 other walķers going N2S E2E. Lots of water still, Wayne lit a great fire and we all had a good time! Walk from Curnows Hut was good. If you take the side trip to Mt New Campbell for the fantastic views it’s well marked still but the is a fence just before the top that you need to hop over … not too hard.
    Dont miss the historic General Store in Georgetown…. it’s open 7-5 every day, has coffee, tea, toasted, bacon and egg sandwiches, etc. Have lots of supplies.

  3. FoHT Trail Development Team visited this site on 22/4/21. Water tank level was 90%.

  4. 14 September 2020 – The two tanks are at approximately 55% capacity, somewhat lower than at the same time last year. This is not surprising given the activity at the hut appears to be significantly higher this year than for the same time last year. The Hut’s log book has 16 entries for the past 7 weeks, compared to 5 entries for the same period last year. Most of the entries are from E2E walkers, perhaps indicating an increase in walkers on the Trail due to Covid-19. Water quality is good to the taste.
    The Hut has been kept in good condition, except there is now a double mattress in the second bedroom.
    The smoke detector in the kitchen is unserviceable.

  5. 26 November 2019 – The two tanks are at approximately 75% capacity. Water quality is good

  6. Lovely stone hut surrounded by green hills. I never knew sheep could be so loud! Stayed overnight 16 June 2019. Hut clean and tidy and in good Knick although I discovered some mouse droppings on sink. I had no trouble with mice but hung my food bag. Looks like volunteers have put in a lot of effort improving this hut including planting a strand of trees to the west! Thanks so much!

    Note some of the sleeping platforms look like they need some maintenance.

  7. Stayed here on 23 Oct. 17. A welcomed overnight stay, plenty of water and no mice. However starlings had taken up residence and left deposits everywhere. I gave the hut a sweep as I normally do at every hut. I notified Friends of the bird issue. Thanks to all who have helped to provide and maintain the huts.

  8. Stayed here 4&5/5/15, as I holed up to avoid some bad weather. plenty of water in tank. Hut needed a good clean which I did a fair bit on 5/5, still could do with more. A couple mice running about, but I found baits under bed platforms in 2nd bedroom and moved them to where mice were. Bit of bird droppings inside, the gap between walls and roof needs bird proofing with wire netting. Also needs some pointing done on lower walls both inside and outside before any stones fall out. Fantastic hut, Thanks to Adelaide Central Mission and FOHT. Platform outside is a great spot to watch a sunset.

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