Mt Remarkable Summit Camp Site (CLOSED)

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Firefighting water tank - no accessible water
Firefighting water tank - no accessible water
Closed (no longer available)
Mapsheet 6B, Melrose to Wilmington
Northern Guidebook, chapter 3, map 1
Grid ref: 343 667
Longitude: 138.163429
Latitude: -32.803875
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Closed September 2015 as part of a minor trail re-alignment. The firefighting water tank remains, but is not accessible to walkers. Melrose and Grays Hut are nearby.

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6 thoughts on “Mt Remarkable Summit Camp Site

  1. Thanks Anthony. The hiking shelter and hiking water tank were removed as part of the national park management plan. The Grays Campsite is nearby, as is Melrose. The tank you mention is a firefighting water tank, and as such are not fitted with taps (to prevent misuse and accidental draining). We’ve added your photo of the firefighting water tank to your comment, thanks for that.

  2. Drinking water tank is still there as is the shelter… graffiti on it from the 90’s so I’ll assume it’s not new.
    Also price is $6 now per person overnight.

    Firefighting water tank - no tap

    • Water tank is missing a tap fitting however so i suggest bringing enough water or at least a shifter spanner to open it.

  3. Coming N> S on 14/9/15, there is no signage to this site. Once at the end of the marked path around the summit, is a sign saying ” summit 700 ms”. I am afraid I could not be bothered to check.

  4. Drinking water tank and shelter destroyed and all debris pushed to one side when visited Thurs 27.8.15

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