Old Mt Bryan East School

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

New toilets (background left)
New toilets (background left)
Large bedroom
Large bedroom
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Report the Secondary Tank level.

Mapsheet 4B, Caroona Creek Conservation Park to Hallett
Southern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 6
Grid ref: 156 014
Longitude: 139.018311
Latitude: -33.408642
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https://www.heysentrail.asn.au (Friends of the Heysen Trail)
This hut is maintained by Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers and reserved for Heysen Trail walkers and Mawson Trail cyclists.
No, hut is locked - lock combination is #5418
large old school building - 2 bedrooms (one large, one small), lounge and kitchen. Bunks, water, slow combustion stove, cooking facilities, kitchen, sink, toilet
The school and residence was built in 1884. A hall was also built adjacent the school. The school was closed in 1947.

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12 thoughts on “Old Mt Bryan East School

  1. Hello
    We had a lovely stay here last night 10 th April 2024
    The lick is difficult to close
    Really needs replacing

  2. FOHT Trail Development team visited the hut on 8/4/2022. Water level in Hut tank approx 90% and Toilet tank aprox 50%.

  3. Hi all traveling people. There is now a Telstra 4GX 700mhz LTE tower located at the top of Mount Bryan summit. If you have a suitable Telstra mobile phone you can do almost anything. Other networks can use it to make 000 emergency calls. Have a great stay in Mount Bryan East.

  4. E2E S2N Carol and Mick
    Stayed there Thursday 27th May.
    Fantastic place to stay, 2 accommodation areas and a common kitchen. Water tap in sink works!
    Plenty of water in school tank but water from toilet tanks is a rusty brown. No longer has a stove which is a pity, and combination lock does not always work … reported to FOHT. Climbing Mt Bryan not a good idea if in clouds unless you have a GPS with track on it as signs can be hard to find in bad weather

  5. I love the throne on top of Mt Bryan.

    Beautiful campsite and grounds at the old school – a teacher’s house next to the school and church.

    You can just imagine a teacher in the 1890s asking the class “who can tell me where Antarctica is?” and a young George Wilkins eagerly shooting his hand straight up.

    I think locals use it, too. When we were there a couple of years ago, a local young couple drove up. When they saw us, they sheepishly got back in their car and drove away.
    I think they were expecting some privacy.

  6. Nice hut; stayed here 11June on my E2E walk north. It is split into two separate areas – one is a single large sleeping room with fireplace and the second is multi-room with kitchen, lounge with fireplace and smaller sleeping area. I greatly appreciated the cut up wood out back kept dry in the old overturned tank. It’s great having a fireplace but often a battle to find wood for it so whoever provided wood is awesome!

  7. Stayed here 4 May 2019, one of the best huts on the Heysen Trail, has real character. There is no combination lock located on the door. Slow combustion stove/oven has been removed from kitchen area- only the metal chimney/flu remaining. There are two other fireplaces located inside hut. Rainwater supply working ok to kitchen sink.

    Kangaroos are in plague proportion on road out from Mount Bryan, they have migrated South with the dry conditions up North. Drive with care, especially at night.

  8. Hi. Can you camp at Mt Bryan East school outside of the hiking season?
    Julian Barnett

    • Yes, the hut is also on the Mawson Trail and shared by mountain bike trail riders, so this one is open all year.

    • Thx for letting us know. Are you sure after entering the combo you pressed the lock together? This normally releases the lock. We’ll confirm that and the current combo and reply later.

      • Hi Mark, we can confirm that the combination hasn’t been changed, and that the combo locks needs to be pressed together after entering the combo, this will release the lock. This is a common way that combo locks are used. I’ve experienced the pain of not realising this before too :/ We were there about a month ago during a trail audit and checked the lock twice to verify it was working as expected.

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