Section 38: Bowman Park to Mt Zion

Following the closure of the trail along the Crystal Brook, north of Bowman Park, this section now commences with a road walk continuing along Bowman Park Road past Bowman Park, turning north east along Huddleston Road. The Trail then turns north up Head Road, continuing until Pipeline Road, which it then follows until reaching Head Road and following that to the Wilkins Highway and Hughes Gap. After Hughes Gap the Trail meets the southern most hills of the Flinders Ranges and the Trail gradually climbs to the top of the range to reveal views over Port Pirie and Spencer Gulf.

A new re-route between Bowman Park and Hughes Gap was marked on 17th May 2021.

Walkers are now directed on a slightly longer route as shown on our Re-route page.

Due to this re-route the length of the trail between Bowman Park and Mt Zion has increased from 16 to 20 kms.

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Location of Bowman Park
431 087
(243172 6308719 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.33008 (33° 19' 48.288")
Longitude: 138.24081 (138° 14' 26.916")
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Location of Mt Zion
394 215
(239400 6321500 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.2140351111 (33° 12' 50.5264")
Longitude: 138.2039987722 (138° 12' 14.3956")
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