Section 16: The Nugget Rd to Mt Crawford

This section combines several sections of Mt Crawford pine forest with the natural bushland of Warren Conservation Park and Little Mt Crawford to provide a picturesque and diverse walk.

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Mapsheet 2C, Stone Hut Road to Tower Hill;
Mapsheet 2C, Stone Hut Road to Tower Hill

Southern Guidebook, chapter 3 map 8.
chapter 3 map 9.

plus extra distance of 1.2km
Location of The Nugget Rd
090 518
(309000 6151800 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.7580878 (34° 45' 29.1161")
Longitude: 138.9131736 (138° 54' 47.425")
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Location of Mt Crawford
129 582
(312900 6158200 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.70101666666 (34° 42' 3.66")
Longitude: 138.96646666666 (138° 57' 59.28")
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