Section 48: Quorn to Dutchmans Stern

This section of the trail passes the outskirts of Quorn before climbing gradually towards The Dutchmans Stern. Taking a detour off of the Heysen Trail to walk the 6 km Dutchmans Stern loop will provide a memorable highlight.

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Mapsheet 6D, Woolshed Flat to Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park

Northern Guidebook, chapter 4 map 1.
chapter 4 map 2.

plus extra distance of 6km
Location of Quorn
193 164
(219300 6416400 zone 54)
Latitude: -32.3541155111 (32° 21' 14.8158")
Longitude: 138.0172824778 (138° 1' 2.2169")
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Location of Dutchmans Stern
807 227
(780700 6422700 zone 53)
Latitude: -32.2973582222 (32° 17' 50.4896")
Longitude: 137.980855625 (137° 58' 51.0803")
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Start this section from the public carpark in the Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park. The carpark is at the end of the Dutchmans Stern Road into the park, however endeavour to limit the number of cars, as there needs to be room for the bus to turn in the car park. The local ranger can be contacted to allow access to the area around the walkers’ hut for parking to alleviate this problem. Lisa Taylor 0428 990 675 (as of 2023).