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2 thoughts on “Marrabel

  1. Just letting everyone know in case there is any confusion, but there is no accomodation in the hotel at Marrabel, and hasn’t been since renovations of the bar in the 1930’s!

    The Publican is very nice though, and walkers are allowed to camp across the road at the Marrabel Rodeo Grounds, where there are toilets and water.

    If you are trying to thru-hike this section, its about 52km from Marschalls Hut to Huppatz Hut. Marrable isn’t on the trail-its about 1km north of it. There is no other accomodation, however if you contact the Hotel they can probably put you onto landowners along the trail that can let you camp on their land. 52km is pushing it for even an elite walker in one day.

    The hotel is great though and the patronage very friendly! We reccomend a stop, a few beers and the big chicken parmagianas!

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