Mt Elm ‘walk-in’ site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Mount Elm campsite with new platform
Mount Elm campsite with new platform
Mount Elm campsite with new platform
Mount Elm campsite with new platform
Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

View latest reported tank level.

Report the tank level.

Mapsheet 7C, Willochra Creek to Mount Elm Camp Site;
Mapsheet 7D, Mount Elm Camp Site to Mernmerna Creek
Northern Guidebook, chapter 4, map 10
Grid ref: 473 666
Longitude: 138.333039
Latitude: -31.907118
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Contact (Friends of the Heysen Trail)
shelter, water, toilet

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13 thoughts on “Mt Elm ‘walk-in’ site

    • Peter,
      Thank you, the Friends are aware, and it is planned to be replaced in a month or two.
      BTW what were you doing there in December?
      That’s private land and the Trail is closed in the Fire Ban Season.
      We have a very tenuous relationship with the landowner and expect walkers to stick to the rules, to avoid problems.

  1. FOHT Trail Development team visited the site on 16/4/2022. Water level in the tank was approx 85%.

  2. FoHT Trail Development team checked tank on 14/4/2022 – level approx 80% full

  3. FoHT Trail Development team inspected the tank in August. Water level at 75%.

  4. There on Friday 23.4.22, good water pressure and lovely water but only about 25% in shelter tank, no tank on toilet. Some slow, very rocky, hilly fence walking as you head south from here. Test your feet!

  5. Used this site for a lunch break for I was walking onto Hawker from Calabrinda Creek camp site on 3rd July. Plenty of water in tank which helped to refill my supply. Another toilet – bonus. Plenty of sites to set up tent and firewood aplenty.

  6. Had lunch here 4/9/15 on way to Calabrinda from Hawker. I do not think many camp here. ENORMOUS spider in loo. Water tank full. This is a tank where one must turn the tap clockwise.

  7. Had lunch here on 20/5/15. Sandy ground was a great change to the rocks. looks like a good spot to camp. Plenty of water in tank.

  8. Hello All,

    Walked through Mt Elm on Sunday 8 June 2014. Plenty of water in the tank!


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