Waukarie Creek/Mt Brown North ‘walk-in’ site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Mapsheet 6C, Wilmington to Woolshed Flat
Northern Guidebook, chapter 3, map 8
Mount Brown Conservation Park
Grid ref: 185 043
Longitude: 138.007324
Latitude: -32.462372
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Camp site - water tank/shelter

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8 thoughts on “Waukarie Creek/Mt Brown North ‘walk-in’ site

  1. FoHT Trail Development Team visited this site on 22/4/21. Tank water level 100%.

  2. Walked through from Broadview to Woolshed Flat with E2E10 on 04/08/19 and there was plenty of clean water in the tank at the Waukarie Creek/Mt Brown North Camp site. A lovely spot to rest and take a break.

  3. Used this spot for a lunch break as I was camping at Woolshed Flat. Plenty of clean water in the tank.

  4. The section from the base of mt brown to woodshed flat is one of the nicest of the whole trail I feel. Well marked also. Just a note that woodshed flat isn’t “open” at all in terms of buildings or toilets. This might be old news. Still a nice spot to camp however. Just a note re the “small range” on the western side of the railway (after woodshed flat), it’s a bit of a slog and quite slow going due to watching your footing and looking out for markers.

  5. 10/9:15. Long warm day from Quorn. Long stint of farm track, including through a paddock with a “beware bull camel in paddock” sign and a padlocked gate. Give me snakes any time. Got through without seeing him. Is it really there?
    The 3 knolls just past Pichi Richi were beautiful, but stoney and killers.
    Luckily, the path up Mt Brown CS was easy and gorgeous in the late pm. A great campsite. Tank was full

  6. Plenty of water in tank. Arrived here about 5pm after walking from Wilmington CVP. Talk about happy to stop walking. GPS showed 35.5km and I turned it on 1.5-2km into the day! Climbed just over 1400m and descended about 1500m. Plenty of water at Catninga shed. You could also get water from a couple of stock troughs along the ridge tops if really short. The Heysen trail follows fences mostly from horricks memorial but by walking on the close by farm tracks you will save your ankles from the stones and also miss a few low and high points. Animal tracks (sheep) also make for better walking. Best idea would be to arrange camping permission at Catninga shed. or camp at Horricks memorial to shorten this day, Stony crk campsite/ Wilmington to Waukarie Crk camp.

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