Section 29: Newikie Creek to Dares Hill Summit Rd

Region: Mid North

This section passes through Caroona Creek Conservation Park and Tourilie Gorge, which is one of the lesser known gems of the Trail. Look out for the remnants of an old bullock track cut through the gorge.

Walkers please note…

A closure of the Caroona Creek Conservation Park is planned for Tue 28th May to Sun 2nd June.

For further information see the news item here.

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Mapsheet 4A, Burra to Caroona Creek Conservation Park;
Mapsheet 4B, Caroona Creek Conservation Park to Hallett

Southern Guidebook, chapter 6 map 4.
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Location of Newikie Creek
200 920
(320000 6292000 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.4963980083 (33° 29' 47.0328")
Longitude: 139.0623534278 (139° 3' 44.4723")
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Newikie Creek should be accessed from the north via Dust Hole Creek Road.
From Burra follow the Barrier Highway/A32 for 15km (to Mount Bryan), then the Mount Bryan East Road for 12km, the White Hill Road for 7km and then the Dust Hole Creek Road for 4km, stopping at the gate above Newikie Creek. There will be a 750m walk-out/walk-in for walkers. Only 4WD vehicles should attempt crossing the ford at the Newikie Creek.

Please note that the entry and exit of the creek on White Field Road before the Dust Hole Creek Road junction and Dust Hole Creek Road south of the junction will be treacherously slippery when damp or wet.

Location of Dares Hill Summit Rd
183 014
(318300 6301400 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.4113746806 (33° 24' 40.9489")
Longitude: 139.0459648444 (139° 2' 45.4734")
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