Storms damage some sections of the Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail near Kings Beach - photo by Martin Chapman.

The Heysen Trail near Kings Beach – photo by Martin Chapman.

Walkers are advised that some sections of the Heysen Trail have suffered damage during the recent weather events.

As a result

are closed until further notice. Refer to the Parks closures webpage for the latest information.

Walkers need to take care on the trail and particularly near the following locations:

  • Kings Beach (near Encounter Bay) – Southern Guide Book Map 1.5 and Sheet Map 1B.
  • Giles Conservation Park (near Ashton) – Southern Guide Book Map 3.4 and Sheet Map 2B.

While conditions are generally expected to improve over the next week, it may be sometime before the necessary work can be completed on these sections.

If you find any damage on the trail, please report it to the Friend’s office. To assist our Trail Development volunteers, please advise

  • the location and map reference,
  • describe the nature of the work required (i.e. marker post has been knocked over) and
  • if possible, send a photo.



Adelaide Hills flood damage closes some walking trails.


Flood damage to Montacute Road (picture courtesy of ABC News).

The heavy rains that fell in the Adelaide Hills last week have damaged some popular walking trails and restricted access to several parks.

The lower section of the Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty trail is closed and may take several months to repair. Alternative access points to the Mount Lofty trail can be found here: Cleland Conservation Park – Waterfall Gully.

While some of the damage has already been repaired, the following parks are also currently affected:

Walkers are advised to check the Park closures listing before setting out to walk in parks in the hills.

Montacute Road at Athelstone and Waterfall Gully Road at Burnside remain closed while repair works continue. Waterfall Gully Road is currently restricted to local traffic only, although it is expected to reopen within a few days.

You can check the current road access at Traffic SA road closures.

Park Closure – The Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and Napperby Block (Mount Remarkable National Park) 23 Sept 2016 to 29 Sept 2016

across the Gulf

Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and Napperby Block (Mount Remarkable National Park) will be closed from 6am Friday, 23 September 2016 to 6pm Thursday, 29 September 2016

The purpose of the park closure is to ensure the safety of the public during a pest control program within the parks during the period indicated.
The Heysen Trail passes along the eastern edge of these parks.  Hence – Do not divert for the Heysen Trail and attempt to enter these parks at those times.

Especially Relevant – The Go Cart Track Shelter is alongside the HT and within the Telowie Gorge Conservation Park. This shelter may be closed during these times.

The parks are north of Crystal Brook and to the west of the Wirrabara Forest.telowie-napperby-block-closure-flyer-_3_

For Heysen Trail (HT) users:
Napperby Block is on HT Map Sheet 5B
or on HT Northern Guide Map 2.5

Telowie Gorge CP is on HT Map is Sheet 5B & 6A
or on HT Northern Guide Map 2.6-2.7.

The Go Cart shelter is on HT Map Sheet 6A
or on HT Northern Guide Map 2.7

Please direct any enquiries to Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Northern & Yorke. (08) 8841 3400.

Vale Honorary Member Jim Crinion


Jim Crinion

The Friends are saddened to report the death of Honorary Member Jim Crinion. Jim joined the Friends at the initial meeting in June 1986. At that meeting Jim was appointed Chairman of the Steering Committee, tasked with setting up the Friends of the Heysen Trail and Other Walking Trails. Once the Friends were established, Jim continued on as Council member and is well known for leading the original Greening Group which did many years of work, especially with plantings around the Kapunda area. These trees have grown are now enjoyed by todays walkers

An enthusiastic walker in Australia and in many other countries, Jim is also remembered for his popular books of walks – “Adelaide and Country Walks”.

Heysen Trail closure in Mt Brown & Dutchmans Stern Conservation Parks from Thursday 1st to Friday 9th September.


The Dutchmans Stern and Mt Brown Conservation Parks will be closed from 6pm on Thursday 1 September 2016 until 6am on Friday 9 September 2016.

The purpose of the closure is to ensure the safety of the public during a pest control program within the parks during the period indicated.

The Heysen Trail passes through these parks, so you are warned not to attempt to enter them at those times.

The Mount Brown Conservation Park is located between Wilmington and Quorn:

  • Chapter 3, map 7 of the Northern Guidebook and
  • Mapheet 6C, Wirrabara Forest to Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park.

The Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park is just north of Quorn and can be found on the following maps

  • Chapter 4, map 2 of the Northern Guidebook and
  • Mapheets 6D, Wirrabara Forest to Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park and
    7A, Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek.

Signs will be placed at points where the Heysen Trail enters the parks during the closure.

Please direct any enquiries to Natural Resources, Northern & Yorke.

Walkers be warned – Bees!

Bees love Canola

Now is the time you need to take caution when walking near flowering crops. We are now at the highest risk of being attacked by bees.

August to October sees canola crops come into full flower providing picturesque bright yellow fields. The flowers attract bees and the installation of commercial bee hives (clusters of white boxes). Bees don’t take kindly to any interference (intentional or not) and can attack en masse.

What you need to do:

  1. To reduce the risk, walkers are strongly advised to avoid walking between the bee hives and neighbouring canola crops in flower.
  2. If your walking trail passes a group of hives, take a wide berth away from them. If possible, stick to made tracks or walk along fencelines.  You should avoid walking through crops when off trail.
  3. If you have experienced reactions to bee stings, you are responsible for carrying appropriate medication. You should also advise your walk leader of any medical condition before you commence your walk.

Listen to Radio Interview with Ron Kandelaars on 891 ABC Adelaide, 13 July 2016

Friends of the Heysen Trail ambassador, Ron Kandelaars, was interviewed today by Ian Henshke on 891 ABC Adelaide.

He discusses walking South Australia’s 1200 kilometre long Heysen Trail as a great bucket list item, and our organisation’s End-to-End Walking Program. He also interviews Katrina Gillespie who is walking the trail with her two teenage sons and husband together, to set aside their digital devices and walk the Heysen Trail together as a shared experience.

Listen to the interview on SoundCloud.

Volunteers Sought for Trail Development

Much of the Heysen Trail infrastructure is now 30 years old.

The Friends Trail Development Committee have plans for many upgrades to both the trail and walker facilities. These plans include –

  1. Trail remarking and track work – a 3 year project commenced this year.
  2. Camp site facilities – toilets, water tanks and benches are planned for more sites.
  3. Hut upgrades to include benches, seats, painting etc.
  4. New huts are being considered at White Park; Simmons Hill; Cuddlee Creek and a Freemans hut replacement.
  5. Rebuilding the Waitpinga Beach sand ladder.

You can help

We need help to get these projects moving, both in the field and at our Cobbler Creek shed.

  • Waitpinga Beach walkway: We need a team to urgently undertake work on the sand ladder. The existing structure is in a dilapidated condition.
  • Cobbler Creek shed, Salisbury East. Urgent work is required to produce items needed for the campsites and huts. We propose to initially open the shed once a month, on a Tuesday from 9 am to 3 pm, for this work.

We would love to hear from anyone with time available and an interest in the trail to HELP us.

Contact us to discuss how you can help.

The trail needs us, please help.

Buckaringa Sanctuary Closure due to Feral Control, Friday 1st July to Monday 4th July 2016

Buckaringa Sanctuary, managed by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy will be undertaking feral animal control in Buckaringa Sanctuary during coming months.

The next planned closures are:

  • Friday 1 July to Monday 4 July 2016

The Heysen Trail passes through the sanctuary between Quorn and Hawker, on map 6, chapter 4, of the Northern Guidebook and on Map 7b, Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek.

Signs will be placed at points where the Heysen Trail enters the Sanctuary during all times of closure.

The sanctuary is home to many Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies.

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: 6 re-routes and corrections

The GPS files for use for navigation in handheld GPS units have been updated. These are the first updates since April 2014. The updates includes 6 re-routes and corrections.

The following six re-routes have been added: