Tinjella Hut (adjacent to Jacks Paddock)

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

The hut
The hut
The toilet, hut beyond
The toilet, hut beyond
Inside the hut
Inside the hut
Water Tank
Southern Guidebook, chapter 2, map 9
Kuitpo Forest
Grid ref: 894 987
Longitude: 138.685059
Latitude: -35.231319
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Kuitpo Forest Information Centre
Open 10am - 12pm (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Email: forestrysa@forestrysa.com.au
Mailing address: PMB 2, Meadows SA, 5201

Yes - https://www.forestrysa.com.au/accommodation/tinjella-hut/
However Tinjella Hut is an exclusive use hut/campground reserved for riders and horses using the Kidman Trail.
Tinjella Hut is an exclusive-use campground located within the Kuitpo Forest
It has a restored wooden barn, toilet, fireplace, picnic tables and space for tents. It is suitable for medium to large groups.


It is 2.5 km from the Information Centre, opposite the Kuitpo Hall and adjacent to Jack's paddock
NB Jack's Paddock is no longer available for walkers - it is a horse paddock for riders on the Kidman Trail.

Access is from Christmas Hill Road.

Occasionally access to Forest reserves may be restricted. Refer to the Forestry SA webpage to check whether there are any upcoming closures for Kuitpo Forest. https://www.forestrysa.com.au/recreation/mount-crawford-kuitpo/

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5 thoughts on “Tinjella Hut (adjacent to Jacks Paddock)

  1. Yes there is a water tank, you can see it in the first photo on the left of the building. It has some small % of wrigglers in it I think, from when I was there in May 2013 anyway. There’s other water nearby (relatively) at other campsites and prob the ranger station. There is also a holiday house immediately north of Jacks Paddock which would probably have rainwater (well there’s no main water there so you’d think so)

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