Pigeon Bore

Water stop on the Heysen Trail

Water only location
Mapsheet 8D, Aroona to Parachilna Gorge
Northern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 7
Grid ref: 674 412
Longitude: 138.557727
Latitude: -31.239925
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Water pump from bore. Water has slight metallic taste.
No accommodation or camping available - this is a water source location.

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10 thoughts on “Pigeon Bore

  1. Had lunch here on 27/8/15. Water tasted fine to me. A lovely spot, but was warm and sunny. Dried out my tent! Reasonable spot to camp if required.

  2. Hand pump operational and supplying clean water on 26/5/15. Tasted ok to me (prefer rain water), no worse than SA mains water tastes.

  3. We certainly have used the water there. A litre or two should be fine.

    Be interesting to hear if your filter does take the lead out. My experience is that after filtering, the water tastes the same, and that’s usally the worst bit, for me anyway.

  4. Thanks for that info. The lead maybe what is effecting the taste.

    Last visit we actually filtered the water with hand pump ceramic filter thingy, more as a test of the equipment (lesson learnt, it is very slow and labourious) than any real feeling the need to have it filtered. I’ll have to check it the filter deals with lead out of curiosity.

  5. Hi Wander,

    The bore was put in by Adelaide Bushwalkers some years ago, with money given by the Friends to refurbish the pump.

    The Wind pump and tank were taken down sometime after that.

    The surprise when we tested the water ie ABW tested the water, that there are relaively high amounts of lead.

    Not enough to harm you on casual drinking, but not such a good idea if the source was your primary water.

    Other than that you could expect it to be a bit salty and I guess that’s where ring comes from.

  6. We have used the water at Pigeon Bore many times over the years. On a recent visit we noted the old tank and tower have been removed. This really opens up the feel of the area and a good thing.

    has any water testing of this water been done? The water is clear and cool. It does taste sort of salty but sort of not. Upon boiling for tea & coffee it leaves a ring of salts of some type about the pot.

    Cannot say I’ve noticed any health issues arising. But I am curious as to what is in the water.

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