Section 24: Webb Gap to Burra Road

Region: Mid North

The trail continues along the Tothill Range, providing expansive views over the surrounding farmland and Apoinga Lagoon.

Walkers please note…

A major aerial pest control program is planned for the region from Tue 28th May to Sun 2nd June.
This will be extended from various conservation parks into surrounding private lands so the whole of this section of the Heysen Trail will be closed during this time.

For further information see the news item here.

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Mapsheet 3C, Marrabel Golf Club to Tothill Gap;
Mapsheet 3D, Tothill Gap to Burra

Southern Guidebook, chapter 5 map 7.
chapter 5 map 8.
chapter 5 map 9.

Location of Webb Gap
103 387
(310300 6238700 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.975142675 (33° 58' 30.5136")
Longitude: 138.9465742917 (138° 56' 47.6675")
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Location of Burra Road
113 518
(311300 6251800 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.8572485389 (33° 51' 26.0947")
Longitude: 138.9602093444 (138° 57' 36.7536")
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