Worlds End ‘walk-in’ site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
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Mapsheet 3D, Tothill Gap to Burra
Southern Guidebook, chapter 5, map 11
Mid-way between Burra Gorge Campground on Gorge Road/Burra Creek and Ernedale Road.
Grid ref: 192 562
Longitude: 139.0464644861
Latitude: -33.8189707917
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Friends of the Heysen Trail
Shelter with water tank and bench
Campsite completed September 2012. Distances: Huppatz Hut to Worlds End Hike-in Camp Site - 21.3km Worlds End Hike-in Camp Site to Burra - 23.0km

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6 thoughts on “Worlds End ‘walk-in’ site

  1. I highly recommend camping at Burra Gorge. If you are heading SOBO, take enough water with you (the creek water at the gorge has quite the earthy flavour). If travelling NOBO (as I was), stop at the Gorge and head right to the end of the campground where you will find the best site shady, sheltered and unavailable to caravans, right next to the creek. You only need water for the night (and treat it of course), and can fill up wit hthe fresh tasting water at this site first thing in the morning, only 20 minutes along the trail.

  2. Stayed here 30/07/2020 – It doesn’t get much more basic than this exposed site. Literally situated in a sheep paddock, with a creek bed and a lone tree as your only company. The tank was full of good water and the ground is not as rocky as many other nearby sites. Very quiet, away from the busy Burra Gorge, and is surprisingly pretty as the light hits the hills in the evening and at dawn. Certainly a site only for those willing to really rough it.

  3. Hi Anthony, You are right however it was the best option we had. Wait till you get to Whistling Trig!!

  4. Was on day 5 of 8 at this point. Mid July 2019 Terrible spot for a campsite (sorry Hysen Trail People) but tank was full and clean fresh water . Glad for the water though

  5. After all those shadeless roads from Burra on a warm and sunny day ,(30/9/15), I was only too glad to reach this shelter and rest on the shady side. I enjoyed the evening there. But when I reached Burra Gorge campground the next am, it would be nicer to carry water and camp there. A beautiful campground, only 1 1/2 Kms away.
    Water tank pretty full.

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