Section 23: Gerkie Gap to Webb Gap

Region: Mid North

This section of the trail follows the Tothill Ranges, which boast the largest remaining section of remnant scrub in the area and are one of the delights of the Mid-North. There are pleasant vistas over the surrounding farmland, with constant reminders of 19th century optimism and 21st century technology.

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Mapsheet 3C, Marrabel Golf Club to Tothill Gap

Southern Guidebook, chapter 5 map 5.
chapter 5 map 6.
chapter 5 map 7.

Location of Gerkie Gap
112 250
(311200 6225000 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.0987843306 (34° 5' 55.6236")
Longitude: 138.9533463111 (138° 57' 12.0467")
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Location of Webb Gap
103 387
(310300 6238700 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.975142675 (33° 58' 30.5136")
Longitude: 138.9465742917 (138° 56' 47.6675")
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