Feeling Great – the Story of End-to-End 2

Feeling Great – the Story of End-to-End 2The ‘Heysen Trail’ has become our obsession and biggest personal challenge to complete in August 2008. When we first started walking on some End-to-End 1 days and catch ups we thought, okay just for the fun of it, we will do the odd day. We were told that we should just do the easy bits but this made us determined to tackle the whole 1200km!

Doug Leane

Doug LeaneDouglas Gepp Leane, Honorary Member of the Friends of the Heysen Trail, and long time maintenance Section Leader, passed away on 16th December, 2008 at the age of 82.

An Obsession and Never Ending Story

Heysen Trail Maintenance

An Obsession and Never Ending StoryI joined the Friends of the Heysen 20 years ago, and from the start was interested in trail maintenance. I could not at that time take on a maintenance section due to business commitments, so volunteered to work on an ad hoc basis, notably when there was a full time FoHT Manager, who would telephone for volunteers.

Terry Lavender, O.A.

Terry Lavender, O.A.With a background of working in the outdoors Terry arrived in Australia and worked for the National Fitness Council in Adelaide, then joined the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport when the government placed responsibility for walking trails with that department. The idea of a walking trail to connect the Mount Lofty and Hinders Ranges […]