End-to-End Minus 1

The Meritorious, Notorious and Hilarious Adventures of Morris Minus (Part 5) – Morris Learns About Catch-ups, Casualties and Companions

End-to-End Minus 1To start our final year on the trail we had an easy one-day walk – a catch-up for the postponed last walk in 2014. Our numbers had reduced due to a couple of our walkers suffering injuries in the ‘off’ season. So it was down to The Woods of Mount Crawford with a random assortment of teddy bears and a screaming baboon called Super Morris Major!!!

Feeling Great – the Story of End-to-End 2

Feeling Great – the Story of End-to-End 2The ‘Heysen Trail’ has become our obsession and biggest personal challenge to complete in August 2008. When we first started walking on some End-to-End 1 days and catch ups we thought, okay just for the fun of it, we will do the odd day. We were told that we should just do the easy bits but this made us determined to tackle the whole 1200km!