Bio Security alert – Be aware of the potential dangers of Foot & Mouth Disease

With the increasing risk of Foot and Mouth Disease (F&MD) being introduced to Australia, it is essential that walkers take precautions to combat the potential spread of FM&D and other soil borne diseases.

As the Heysen Trail (and many other walking trails) traverse private properties, it is important that we respect and protect the agricultural activities that are conducted by landholders.

What we can do to stop the spread

Therefore walkers are asked to clean your footwear, clothing and equipment, including walking poles, so they are free from mud, animal manure and mucus.

  1. Use a stiff brush to clean boots & poles to remove dirt and seeds,
  2. Wash the equipment in water to remove any remaining contaminants,
  3. If possible, immerse your boots in a foot bath
  4. If a foot bath is not available, use a spray bottle with any of the following cleaning agents:
    • soap,
    • detergent,
    • bleach,
    • vinegar,
    • citric acid,
    • percarbonate.

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