1. Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall, June 2016

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Re-Route of Heysen Trail near Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall

Re-Route of Heysen Trail near Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall (2)The Heysen Trail has been re-routed just west of Trig Campsite, through the campsite and down into Deep Creek waterfall. The new trail is a great improvement on the original trail, with a more gentle descent down to the waterfall. The trail crosses Tent Rock Road at the northern entrance to the campsite, with a new car parking area.

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2. Stairs and Viewing Platform closed at Waitpinga Beach, July 2016

This is a temporary re-route

Steps at Waitpinga Beach following sand erosion

Some structural elements of the lower steps no longer reach the sand

The steps and viewing platform at Waitpinga Beach have been closed due to continued sand erosion.

Walkers should find alternative access directly across the sand dunes until the infrastructure has been renewed. DEWNR staff will continue to monitor the sand erosion and structure. We expect alternative arrangements will be put in place, including in the short term a marked route through the sand dunes.

Last August the lower steps were replaced with a dutch sand ladder, but this solution hasn’t worked and has since been removed. The entire structure has now been closed. Prior to approx 2012 there were two separate sets of stair structures, these were removed and replaced with a new single structure, which is the one now affected by erosion.

The viewing platform has been undermined

The viewing platform has been undermined

6. Trail closure caused by the Cudlee Creek bushfire, June 2020

This temporary re-route has been restored to the original trail alignment

This reroute/closure has been removed – the trail through to Cudlee Creek was reopened in April 2021. However Grandpa’s camp remains closed.

Forestry SA has closed access to the Heysen Trail in the vicinity of Cudlee Creek, with the affected section shown on this exclusion zone map.

It covers sections of the following maps:

Heysen Trail Sheet Maps 2B & 2C and
Southern Guidebook Map 3.6.

The exclusion zone commences at the eastern exit of Montacute Conservation Park (Grid Ref 983 377) and concludes when the trail leaves Forestry property at Snake Gully Rd (GR 014 402).

All walkers are advised to avoid the area. Trail closure signs have been erected by Forestry SA.

Unfortunately the excluded area included Grandpa’s campsite.   The campsite has been reopened and the rainwater tank replaced in late August 2021. Until there are good rains in the area walkers are advised to carry additional water if heading in this area.

7. Temporary Re-Route Around Sampson Flat Fireground, July 2015, Updated August 2017, Suspended 2021

Updated 29 Aug 2017: the temporary re-route has been removed, the trail has been restored to its original alignment, with a small re-route crossing North East Road. The Aug 2017 re-route has been suspended, please refer to the 2021 temporary re-route.

Following the January 2015 Sampson Flat Bushfire the Heysen Trail has been re-marked through the fireground, from Nugget Road to near Kersbrook. A temporary re-route is in place from Chain of Ponds to Kersbook.

9. Reroute of the Heysen Trail near Chain of Ponds where it crosses North East Road, Early 2021

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This re-route was marked in early 2021 to allow for a roadwork upgrade of the junction of North East Road and South Para Road.
It was expected to be a temporary change until the roadworks were completed in June 2021.

The route shown in purple is the Heysen Trail in Chain of Ponds crossing North East Road.

UPDATE December 2021. Due to land access issues related to SA Water property, the trail has not returned to the original route. Further options are being investigated.

CAUTION: The re-routed trail now crosses North East Rd about 50 metres from the crest of a hill which makes for a dangerous road crossing. This is dangerous as the speed limit on the North East Rd is 100 km/h.
Please be extra cautious when crossing the road.

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10. Reroutes in Mt Crawford forest, August 2020

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The Heysen Trail has been re-routed in Mt Crawford forest in three places:

  1. The main trail (which is the route along the southern then eastern side) has been re-routed off of Chalks Road
  2. The alternative trail (which is the route along the north-western side) has been re-routed via Warren Reservoir to Centennial Drive
  3. When the South Para River water level is high, avoid the main trail crossing (marked #3, upstream to the east) and walk 900m downstream to cross the river on the Mount Rd bridge (marked #4, downstream to the west)

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11. Re-Route returning the trail to Tower Hill, avoid closed Freemans Hut, and Re-Route near Mt Crawford Summit, April 2016 (updated May 2018, updated November 2021)

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  1. Freemans Hut on the Heysen Trail near Mt Crawford has been closed due to a land sale, and the trail re-routed to continue north along the Wirra Wirra Peaks ridge line.

    [update May 2018] The trail has been re-routed away from Tower Road, to the east to follow Wirra Wirra Road to the north to meet Corryton Road.

    [update November 2021] Following successful negotiations with landholders in the area, the Heysen Trail has returned to the route initially adopted in 2016 following the closure of the trail to Freemans Hut.

    After the descent from the Wirra Wirra peaks, the trail again follows Tower Road in a northerly direction for a kilometre. It then crosses a fence into private property. The trail follows the fenceline for another kilometre before reaching the summit of Tower Hill, which affords spectacular views in all directions.

    The trail continues along the fenceline until reaching the Ross Fire Track where it turns in an easterly direction along an unmade road reserve. This section of the trail continues until it leaves the road reserve at the junction of Wirra Wirra, Trial Hill and Corryton Park Roads.

  2. [update May 2018] The Heysen Trail climbs over the summit of Mt Crawford. There is now a river crossing on stepping stones near the base of the summit. When river water levels are high, use the route west over the road bridge.

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12. Re-route to Kapunda Square, June 2019

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The Heysen Trail has been re-routed to take the trail into central Kapunda, to the newly constructed Kapunda Town Square (corner Main St and Crase St), and to be closer to bakeries, coffee shops, the camping ground and caravan park.

In July 2020 the route has been tweaked: heading north, the main trail continues along Cameron St, Branson Crescent and Crase St. An short alternative option is from Cameron St, along Mine St, then Whittaker St turning on to Crase St.

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