1. Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall, June 2016

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Re-Route of Heysen Trail near Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall

Re-Route of Heysen Trail near Trig Campsite to Deep Creek Waterfall (2)The Heysen Trail has been re-routed just west of Trig Campsite, through the campsite and down into Deep Creek waterfall. The new trail is a great improvement on the original trail, with a more gentle descent down to the waterfall. The trail crosses Tent Rock Road at the northern entrance to the campsite, with a new car parking area.

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2. Stairs and Viewing Platform closed at Waitpinga Beach, July 2016

This is a temporary re-route

Steps at Waitpinga Beach following sand erosion

Some structural elements of the lower steps no longer reach the sand

The steps and viewing platform at Waitpinga Beach have been closed due to continued sand erosion.

Walkers should find alternative access directly across the sand dunes until the infrastructure has been renewed. DEWNR staff will continue to monitor the sand erosion and structure. We expect alternative arrangements will be put in place, including in the short term a marked route through the sand dunes.

Last August the lower steps were replaced with a dutch sand ladder, but this solution hasn’t worked and has since been removed. The entire structure has now been closed. Prior to approx 2012 there were two separate sets of stair structures, these were removed and replaced with a new single structure, which is the one now affected by erosion.

The viewing platform has been undermined

The viewing platform has been undermined

6. Re-Route around Jupiter Creek, May 2017

This temporary re-route has been restored to the original trail alignment

The Heysen Trail in Jupiter Creek is temporarily closed due to storm damage.

Site inspections at the Jupiter Creek Gold Diggings site – where the Heysen Trail travels through – have identified areas as unsafe due to heavy rain over the 2016 Spring and 2016/17 Summer.

The Heysen Trail is closed between Kuitpo Forest and Rowe Road in Jupiter Creek until further notice to carry out safety works. Signage and fencing has been installed.

11. Re-Route to avoid closed Freemans Hut, and Re-Route near Mt Crawford Summit, April 2016 (updated May 2018)

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  1. Freemans Hut on the Heysen Trail near Mt Crawford has been closed due to a land sale, and the trail re-routed to continue north along the Wirra Wirra Peaks ridge line [update May 2018] east to follow Wirra Wirra Road to the north to meet Corryton Road.
  2. [update May 2018] The Heysen Trail climbs over the summit of Mt Crawford. There is now a river crossing on stepping stones near the base of the summit. When river water levels are high, use the route west over the road bridge.

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