Current Bushfire Info on the Trail from CFS Smartphone App

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Whilst we wouldn’t normally email you with technology news about smartphones, this news might be of particular interest to late season bushwalkers who have a smartphone and are walking the Heysen Trail or other trails.

Yesterday the CFS released a smartphone app which may be a better offering than third party bushfire information apps. It provides users with the location and status of current bushfires, current wind direction and prescribed burn details, which can be viewed on an interactive map with your current location. This is particularly useful for bushfires that have started during the day within the landscape you are walking.

You will need mobile phone reception from your carrier to access data with this app.

Late season walkers should be highly aware of bushfire conditions. Several bushfires have already occurred throughout the state and in areas where the Heysen Trail passes through.

View further more information about this smartphone app on the CFS website, or search for CFS FireApp.