Heysen Trail Closure through Wirrabara Forest

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Whilst the bushfire in Wirrabara Forest was brought under control on 12 May, ForestrySA advises that the Heysen Trail through the area remains closed indefinitely.

The main section of the Heysen Trail along the ridge, north from the TV transmission tower on the Bluff (Map 2.5 in the Northern Guidebook) through to Block Nine Road (Map 2.7 in the Northern Guidebook) is temporarily closed.

All trails and tracks in the forest, including the spur of the Heysen Trail from Frypan Hill to the Old Nursery and on to Ippinitchie Campground is also temporarily closed (Map 2.6 in the Northern Guidebook).

Further information will be made available when ForestrySA releases updated advice. Minor updates will be published on our Twitter feed, @HeysenTrail.

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