A further two new water tanks and camp sites completed

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A further two new shelters with water tanks and camp sites on the Heysen Trail have been completed, and are waiting for rain to fill the tanks. The two new camp sites are in the Mid-North near Spalding.

Details of the three new camp sites are as follows:

1. Whistling Trig Tank (view info page)

A windy campsite located on a trig point between Hallett and Spalding, Southern Guidebook chapter 6, map 9, view map.

2. Bundaleer Tank Campsite (view info page)

A campsite located beside Bundaleer Creek, between Spalding and Curnows Hut, Northern Guidebook, chapter 1, map 2, view map.

These two campsites will assist through-hikers on the Heysen Trail by closing some of the trail’s water gaps. The distances between campsites and water sources is now:

  • Hallett to Whistling Trig – 22.5km
  • Whistling Trig to Spalding – 26km
  • Spalding to Bundaleer Tank Campsite – 18.8km
  • Bundaleer Tank Campsite to Curnows Hut & Campground – 13.5km

Check out the timelapse video of the construction work on the Bundaleer Tank on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Bronte Leak from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), Colin Edwards, John Potter, Albert Schmidke, Bob Randell and Julian Monfries for their work in the construction effort.

These water tanks are part of an programme of 11 new shelters and water tanks being constructed along the Heysen Trail. The last three shelters and water tanks were constructed in September, following on from the first four shelters and water tanks late last year. The remaining two shelters and water tanks have been fabricated and will be erected soon.

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