Heysen Trail closure – Deep Creek – June 30th-July 5th, 2024

The Heysen Trail through the Deep Creek Conservation Park will be closed from mid­day Sun­day 30 June until 12pm mid­day Fri­day 5 July 2024.

The purpose of the closure of the entire conservation park is to protect public safety during a feral animal control program.

Campsites and other walking trails in The Deep Creek Conservation Park will also be closed during this time.

The trail will be closed between Blowhole Creek (GR 425 507 on mapsheet 1A) and the eastern boundary of the Deep Creek Conservation Park at Tunkalilla (end of McGregor Rd track – GR 543 527 on mapsheet 1A).
(This covers from the eastern end of section 1 up to the western end of section 3 of the trail)

Warning signs and trail closure signs will be placed at several locations along the trail and at the western and eastern approaches to the park.

If you have any enquiries, please call Nation­al Parks & Wildlife Ser­vice SA — Deep Creek Nation­al Park Office.
Ph: 8598 0263
Further information can be found on the Parks SA Alerts page.

Heysen Trail closure – Northern Adelaide Hills – June 17th-30th 2024.

An aerial pest animal control program will mean the closure of sections of the Heysen Trail in the Mount Lofty Ranges from Monday 17th June to Sunday 30th June, 2024. The program will include forestry reserves, reservoir reserves, conservation parks and private properties, over native scrub, plantations, and farmland in the areas around Millbrook Reservoir, Para Wirra, Mount Crawford Forest and Kaiserstuhl.

The Heysen Trail and Heysen huts will be closed from Pewsey Vale/Kaiserstuhl in the north (GR 170 727 on Mapsheet 2D, Southern Guide Map 4.3) , south to Scotts and as far south as Millbrook (GR 014 442 on Mapsheet 2C, Southern Guide Map 3.7).

This represents the southern part of section 18, the whole of sections 17 through 16 and the northern portion of section 15.

For further information contact Theo Goldsworthy of PIRSA at Theo.Goldsworthy-Hess@sa.gov.au or phone 0461 284 454.

You can find further information on the Forestry SA page.

Heysen Trail closure – Mid North – May 28th-June 2nd 2024.

Caroona Creek Conservation Park :   www.visitburra.com

An aerial pest control program will mean the Caroona Creek Conservation Park (Including Caroona Creek Campground), Mimbara Conservation Park and Hopkins Creek Conservation Park will be closed from 6.00 pm Tuesday 28th May to 6.00 pm on Sunday 2nd June, 2024. The closure will also extend to surrounding private land.

The Heysen Trail from Gerkie Gap (GR 113 250 on Mapsheet 3C, Southern Guide Map 5.5) all the way to Dares Hill Summit Road (GR 188 017 on Mapsheet 4B, Southern Guide Map 6.6.) will therefore be closed
This represents the whole of sections 23 through 28 of the trail.

If you have any enquiries about the Park Closure  please contact the National Parks & Wildlife Service, Yorke & Mid North on (08) 8841 3400.

You can find further information on the Parks SA Alerts page.

Heysen Trail through the Buckaringa Sanctuary Closed Fri 21st to Tues 25th June


The Buckaringa Sanctuary will be temporarily closed for a few days in June 2024. As the Heysen Trail passes through the sanctuary, we advise walkers to consider the closure if planning to walk in the area.

The closure will commence on the evening of Friday 21st June and continue until the morning of  Tuesday 25th June 2024.



The Buckaringa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies and is located between Quorn and Hawker. You can find it on map 6, chapter 4, of the Heysen Trail Northern Guidebook and on Sheet Map 7b – Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek.

The Heysen Trail enters the southern boundary of the sanctuary at grid reference 195 440. The northern section on the trail exits the sanctuary at 257 490.

The closure affects the trail in the following walk sections:

51 Warren Gorge to Buckaringa Gorge

52 Buckaringa Gorge to Callabrinda Creek

The closure is because the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) will be undertaking feral animal control in the sanctuary.

AWC will place closure signs at all entry points to the sanctuary to warn walkers of the danger.

Heysen Trail governance review consultation

A  new governance model for the Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail is managed by a partnership comprising the Department of Environment and Water, the Friends of the Heysen Trail, ForestrySA, and SAWater.

As foreshadowed by the Heysen Trail 5 Year Plan, work has started to develop a best-practice governance model to give the Heysen Trail a continuing and successful future.

If you are a landowner or other stakeholder along the Trail please read this flier about consultation that will take place in the near future. We would love to have your input.

Neil Hendry,
Friends of the Heysen Trail


The current trailhead

The proposed trailhead

Change is coming to the Heysen Northern Trailhead!

Work will commence in early May.

The Friends of Heysen Trail initiated a rejuvenation of the now tired Trailhead that’s helped hikers cross the line for more than 30 years.

The new design will enhance the sense of starting or completing the 1200km adventure.
Read the full article in the latest Trailwalker. (Click here.)

This benefits everyone, whether you are new to the Trail or a long-term hiker & supporter.
Anyone who has or will enjoy the Trail is encouraged to donate to this exciting project. (Click here.)

Heysen Trail re-opens with end of Fire Danger Season

The entire length of the Heysen Trail has now re-opened following the conclusion of the Fire Danger Season in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Mid North Fire Ban Districts.

The northern half of the trail, from Wirrabara, reopened on April 15 following the conclusion of the Fire Ban Season in the Flinders Ranges Fire Ban District.

The entire length will remain open until November 2024 when the Fire Danger Season is expected to begin.

View more information about how the Fire Danger Season affects the Heysen Trail.

View the CFS media release confirming the conclusion of the Fire Danger Season.

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: version 4.7 issued 6/2/2024

Latest update to the Heysen Trail gpx and Interactive Map

With the opening of the walk season approaching, we have updated the Heysen Trail gpx file to include all re-routes since the last version of the consolidated gpx file was released in August 2023.

The reroutes have been added to the downloadable GPX file (version 4.7 released 6/2/2024) and the Interactive Map as displayed on Friends of the Heysen Trail website.

You can find instructions for downloading the updated file onto your GPS unit on the Maps & GPS page.

The reroutes have had a very minor impact on the Heysen Trail Distances.

Please note the the revised gpx file does not include temporary reroutes such as :

  • Those frequently established around Forestry SA logging operations in the Kuitpo and Mt Crawford Forest reserves (Mapsheets 1D, 2A & 2D)
  • The Maryvale reroute, south of Hamilton (Mapsheet 3B)
  • The Goyder Windfarm reroute, east of Huppatz Hut (Mapsheet 3D

Cessation of our re-route and trail closure email subscription service

Due to a major cost increase imposed on us by a third party supplier, we have been forced to review the manner in which we advise members and walkers of changes to the trail closure periods and updates to the website gpx files.

We have now suspended the issue of notifications to subscribers by email. We are examining alternative arrangements as part of our website review project. As an interim measure we will advise you of trail changes using our  website banner alert/messaging system.

If you are not already aware, the banners appear at the top of every page of our website. As an example there is currently a banner in place to advise walkers of the closure of the trail over the Fire Danger Season. The headline notice includes a link to a website news item which provides further information.

Improvements to the Walk Selector pages

Walkers are advised to that following recent improvements to our website,  the Heysen Trail Walk Selector pages now include:

  • Re-routes – all current re-routes (permanent and temporary) are listed for each of the 61 ‘day walk’ sections from Cape Jervis to Parachilna.
    Before before setting out on any walk, you should check the relevant Walk Selector page to make sure you are aware of any recent trail changes.
  • Vehicle access to End to End points – there are a limited number of ‘End to End’ start and finishing points that do not have close access to a public road.
    In those cases, the Walk Selector pages now include an advisory note to independent/through walkers wishing to get vehicle access to End to End points.

April 2024

Issue 168

Highlights include:

  • Big, Bold Trailhead Gets The Green Light
  • Bushfire Recovery Experience
  • Heysen Friends Walks Program 2024
  • Long Distance Hiking - Prepare yourself mentally and physically

Harvesting Operations in Kuitpo Forest

ForestrySA operations in Kuitpo Forest will impact the Heysen Trail into the foreseeable future.

Walkers in this forest may encounter closed plantation blocks as harvesting operations are undertaken. The presence of heavy machinery and falling trees makes it highly dangerous, and heavy trucks using the haul roads add to the risk. Walkers must not enter the harvesting areas under any circumstance (penalties apply).

ForestrySA Rangers and Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers will ensure that safe reroutes are in place and are clearly marked. Walkers should follow the marked reroute trail until the new track rejoins the Heysen Trail. Reroute signs will be placed at the start and finish of the reroute. From time to time, it will be necessary to reroute the Trail along public roads. Walkers are advised to take extra care on public roads, to always walk on the right, facing traffic and to always walk in single file.

Bookings for the next ‘End to End’ walk from Cape Jervis open at 7.00am on Monday 25th March 2024

Feedback sought on Heysen Trail South Coast Proposed Upgrade

The next series of the Friends ‘End to End’ walks along the Heysen Trail is scheduled to commence from Cape Jervis on Sunday May 26th  2024.

Registrations can be made from 7.00am sharp on Monday March 25th 2024.

You can find out more information about the walk by reading the description in our walk calendar.

The End to End walk program section of our website provides further information about the ‘E2E’ program.

Registration is open to members of the Friends, so to save time, make sure you have created a membership account before registrations open. You will need to log into your account to register. You can then navigate to the walk page via the walks calendar.

December 2023

Issue 167

Highlights include:

  • End-To-End Year In Summary
  • Friends Summer Walk Programme 2023/24
  • Heysen Trail ReRoutes: From Idea To Inception Is A Long Road

Mapsheet 2D: Reroute at Dewells Block, Mt Crawford Forest, October 2023

This temporary re-route has been restored to the original trail alignment

View pdf map showing re-route

Forestry SA has advised that commencing in early October 2023, logging operations will be undertaken in Dewells block of the Mt Crawford Forest.

The reroute is depicted by the bold red line in the attached map pdf.

For walkers heading northbound, the reroute heads north along Warren Road, following the fence line until it crosses Cricks Mill Road and enters Mount Road. It follows Mount Road, past the access to Fromms Farm, and turns east at Grid Reference 131 564. It then ascends up  Little Mount Crawford, where it rejoins the Trail.

Due to the short notice given to us, we do not have a gpx file of the reroute.

Forestry have installed ‘No Access Logging Operations’ signs at the beginning and end of the reroute and reroute markers along the new route.

The logging operations are expected to take 6-8 weeks.

Respectful conversation in Australia – a First Nation’s Voice to Parliament

A contribution from the Friends of the Heysen Trail Reconciliation Committee.

We encourage all members to be informed on the Voice from all perspectives and to respect all individuals and their positions in relation to the Voice.

Uncle Lewis O’Brien, a significant Kaurna Elder teaches that when non-Aboriginal people look at a proposition or a problem they tend to divide into camps with a Yes or No response.

The Kaurna people were the teachers and knowledge keepers. They looked at the brain and called it muka muka because it appeared in two halves.

What that means for decision making in the Aboriginal community is that we should think both ways. In other words, look at a problem from all sides before resolving which direction to take.

The Referendum on October 14th 2023

Australians are being asked if they support Aboriginal recognition and an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament at the Referendum on the Australian Constitution that will be held on October 14th 2023.

A Referendum is the people’s choice. We should hold respectful conversations as it is beholden upon us to be informed. We need to look at this question in principle from all angles.

All perspectives are relevant; all questions are legitimate; all positions are respected.

The 1967 Referendum with a 91% Yes vote resolved to count Aboriginal people in the census for the first time. It was a campaign that supported Aboriginal rights.

Yet, up to that time, Aboriginal people had been named in the Australian Constitution solely by exception. The powers that enabled the Australian Government to make laws on the basis of race previously read, “……….except for Aboriginal people……” as it was the States that made laws for Aboriginal people. Those words were removed and since then the Constitution has remained totally silent upon Aboriginal people; not a single mention.

A bi-partisan approach to recognition in the Constitution

In 2015, Tony Abbott, as the Liberal Prime Minister, met with 40 Aboriginal leaders at Kirribili House and Bill Shorten, the Opposition leader, joined him. It was resolved in a bi-partisan way to establish a Referendum Council that would consult with Aboriginal people as to their views on recognition.

The Referendum Council held twelve Regional dialogues right across the country. From these, delegates were appointed to go to Uluru. Six years ago the Uluru Statement from the Heart was developed as a result of the meeting at Uluru.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart

243 people at Uluru agreed by consensus that not only did they want Constitutional Recognition, they wanted something more substantive by having a Voice to Parliament.

Click on this link to read the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

This remarkable statement, which is full of grace and meaning, is clear and invites us to join the people’s movement across the country to unite for change.

“In 1967 we were counted, in 2017 we seek to be heard. We leave base camp and start our trek across this vast country. We invite you to walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future”.

Follow this link to read the full statement prepared by FOHT Reconciliation Committee.

The Friends End of Year Bash is on again at Belair, November 26th 2023

The Friend’s End of Year Bash – a family affair.

All Friends of the Heysen Trail are invited, with their families.

Let’s gather to celebrate a year of walking and wonder on The Trail.

Family and friends of members are welcome.

Date and Time : Sunday November 26th, 12 noon to 4.30 pm

Place: Main Pavilion, Belair National Park

What to bring: BYO food, drinks, chairs (there are some bench seats in the Pavilion), cutlery, drinkware  or anything else you need to share the day with walking friends and your families.

Cost and Booking: There is no charge for this event but you need to book so we can give Belair National Park some idea of numbers.

Bookings are now open so you can use this link to register on the Walk Calendar on our website.

Bookings close on Monday November 20th.

The 2024 Calendar will be available for collection at this event.

Park entry fees are waived for attending members and guests. On entry, just mention you are with Friends of the Heysen Trail.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Mapsheet 1D – Mount Magnificent summit loop, August 2023, updated February 2024

View pdf map showing re-route

A recent addition to the trail in the Mount Magnificent Conservation Park has created a loop allowing walkers easier access to the summit of Mt Magnificent. The 3.5 km loop follows the Parks SA ‘Mount Magnificent Loop Trail’.

The GPX file was updated on 6th February 2024 to a more accurate route line.

Prior to the change, north bound walkers were able to access the summit by taking the spur 500 metres west of the Mt Magnificent Rd. This old spur is remains in place.

To create the loop, Parks rangers marked a second (eastern) spur approximately 100 metres west of the park entrance off Mt Magnificent Rd. In addition to being marked as the Mt Magnificent Loop, this part of the trail also has the traditional red coloured Heysen Trail arrows.

Walkers heading in a south- north bound direction will take the new spur trail to the south. This part of the loop heads south gradually getting closer to the road before turning west to join the original spur just below the summit. The short but steep climb to the summit (380 metres above sea level) affords a magnificent view!

Walkers then return to the trail proper by turning around to descend to the the loop and this time following the old spur trail north.

Walkers not intending to do the loop walk have the option of the shorter east to west section of the original trail. This 500 metre section of the trail is now marked with black arrows as an alternative Heysen Trail route.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit.

This re-reoute applies to:

Big bold idea for Heysen Trail Northern Trailhead

The Existing Northern Trailhead

Exciting news about a bold new proposal to enhance the Heysen Trail northern Trailhead!!

Do you remember the feeling as you started or completed the Heysen at the Parachilna Gorge trailhead?   Many have described the climb over that Trailhead stile as “underwhelming” – for such a grand occasion.

The new design – northbound view

In 2022, The Friends Council supported a proposal to investigate ways to give the 30+ year old Trailhead a makeover.

We envisaged a gateway offering a greater sense of significance and a place of arrival/launching for the 1200km Heysen achievement.

The Friends engaged Landscape Architects to work with The Friends and consult with local landholders, community organisations, and local Adnyamathanha representatives, about a suitable concept – a concept that The Friends Council has now endorsed.

After preliminary discussion with the Department for Environment & Water (DEW), The Friends are optimistic that the go ahead for the concept will be forthcoming.

The southbound view

The design concept, shown to the right, looks inspiring and will incorporate planting / landscaping.

A more detailed design package is available by clicking on this link: Heysen Trail Northern Trailhead.

We hope you’ll agree that it’s a worthwhile and very exciting project!

FOHT Website Review – Update

Members would be aware that The Friends Promotion: Membership & Marketing Standing Committee (PMM) has been canvassing views about the need to improve and modernize our website.  Consultation across the Friends Committees and a member survey have informed the assessment that it is time to generate a visually appealing website with simpler navigation.

PMM has now completed a tender process by engaging an experienced design and software team to provide The Friends with future design options.  PMM is aiming for completion in 2024.

Mapsheet 5A: Bundaleer Reservoir, August 2023, updated February 2024

View pdf map showing re-route

A new reroute has been established near the Bundaleer Reservoir. The reroute crosses into SA Water land on the southern side of the channel opposite the crossing of the Spalding-Gulnare Rd where the Heysen Trail follows the channel from Spalding.

Walking from south to north, the re-route proceeds directly across the Gulnare-Spalding Rd from the channel (Grid Ref 716 938) and crosses a stile next to the SA Water entrance gate. The trail follows a track for 100 m to a ford then directly up the hill to a stile that crosses into SA Water land.

Once in the SA Water land the trail crosses to the Ring Rd around the reservoir and follows this road across the dam wall and around to the Reservoir Car Park/Toilet at the North-Western corner of the reservoir (Grid Ref 710 958).

The trail leaves the car park on the western side and after 50 m crosses a stile into private property, (the trail follows the northern channel but NOT in the fenced off channel land). The trail then follows the fence within the private property until it reaches the Aquaduct where it crosses a stile and meets up with the existing trail (at Grid Ref 706 969) and follows the existing trail north.

New End to End walk start point. The Reservoir car park is now the end point for End to End Walk 33 and the start point for Walk 34. The E2E point has been moved from the Chlorinator, as the trail no longer passes that feature.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit.

View all re-routes for the Mapsheet 5, Spalding to Wirrabara Forest (August 2015)

View all re-routes for the Re-Routes

Heysen Trail GPX files update for GPS: latest edition includes 9 reroutes

This is a summary of the latest permanent reroutes of the Heysen Trail that have been undertaken by the Trail Development Committee in consultation with the Department of Environment & Water (DEW).

The reroutes have been added to the downloadable GPX file (version 4.4 released 7/8/2023) and the Interactive Map as displayed on Friends of the Heysen Trail website.

You can find instructions for downloading the updated file onto your GPS unit on the Maps & GPS page.

The following re-routes and updates have been added:

  1. Mapsheet 1A – Reroute around Tapanappa Campsite for the Wild South Coast Way
  2. Mapsheet 1A-1B – The Wild South Coast Way spur trail from Kings Beach to Victor Harbor
  3. Mapsheet 1C – Reroute at Robinson Hill/Jaggers Block, September 2022
  4. Mapsheet 1D – Reroute at Kyeema – exit off Woodgate Hill Rd, December 2022
  5. Mapsheet 1D and 2A – Reroute at Chookarloo Campground, Kuitpo Forest, January 2023
  6. Mapsheet 1D and 2A – Alternate Route at Knott Hill Plantation (Kuitpo Forest), April 2023
  7. Mapsheet 2D – Reroute at Old School House, Mt Crawford Forest, July 2023
  8. Mapsheet 4B – Realignment of the trail east of Mt Bryan, September 2022
  9. Mapsheet 8C – Yuluna realignment, Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park, April 2023

Please note the the revised gpx file does not include temporary reroutes such as :

  • Those frequently established around Forestry SA logging operations in the Kuitpo and Mt Crawford Forest reserves (Mapsheets 1D, 2A & 2D)
  • The Maryvale reroute, south of Hamilton (Mapsheet 3B)
  • The Goyder Windfarm reroute, east of Huppatz Hut (Mapsheet 3D

Walkers are advised to check the Heysen Trail Reroutes page before setting out on any walk to make sure you are aware of any recent trail changes.

The reroutes have also had a very minor impact on the Heysen Trail Distances.

Mapsheet 1B: Wild South Coast Way waymarked into Victor Harbor on spur trail, May 2022

As part of the development of the Wild South Coast Way on the Heysen Trail the Kings Head Hike spur trail into Victor Harbor has been waymarked. The trail branches off the main Heysen Trail at Kings Beach and heads to Kent Reserve, Victor Harbor.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit.

This re-reoute applies to: