Feral animal control program affects Heysen Trail at Jupiter Creek – June 19th to 23rd.

Temporary exclusion area at Jupiter Creek

Landscape SA (previously NRM) and SA Water  has issued a temporary trail re-route notification for a section of the Heysen Trail at Jupiter Creek.

The trail re-route will occur for the week of Monday, June 19th to Friday, June 23rd.

The re-route is in place to allow an aerial operation to control deer and goats in the Mount Bold Reservoir Reserve

During the operation publicly accessible areas of the Mount Bold Reservoir Reserve will be closed to the public. The adjoining ForestrySA Jupiter Creek and McIntyres forest reserves will also be closed to the public.

Temporary trail re-route

A temporary re-route will be in place during the operation, so walkers are not greatly inconvenienced. Signs will be in place to direct walkers onto nearby public roads.

The map of the temporary re-route is shown here

The affected section of the Heysen Trail is between the following points:

  • from the southern access to McIntyres forest reserve (Gate MI2, Razorback Rd) – Grid Reference 936 088,
  • to the northern access to Jupiter Creek forest reserve (accessed via Long Gully Rd) – Grid Reference 945 123.

You can find the Jupiter Creek section of the Heysen Trail on Heysen Trail Sheetmap 2A and Southern Guidebook Maps 2.10 & 3.1.

Signage will be in place to assist walkers

To prevent access by members of the public, signage providing information about the area closures will be erected at all main access points, including the Heysen Trail access points to the ForestrySA forest reserves.

A sign will be placed at the northern access point to Jupiter Creek forest reserve, directing walkers along the northern boundary of the forest reserve to Pocock Rd, where they will continue south to re-join the trail on Razorback Rd.

A similar sign will be placed at the southern access point.

A helicopter will fly over but not shoot in the forest reserves. Mobile patrols will be present to prevent access to closed areas.

Heysen Trail closure north of Cudlee Creek, 19th-21st May 2023

Forestry SA has announced that there will be a closure of  the Heysen Trail in the Bennett’s Planation, north of Cudlee Creek, from Friday May 19th (all day) till Sunday May 21st (all day).

This is to enable Re-Enact SA to conduct simulated battles in Forestry SA’s Bennett Plantation.

The closure will extend from GR 018 445  to GR 041 460, shown on map sheet 2C; Southern Guide Book map 3.7. (part of section 15 of the Heysen Trail).

The closed area extends northward from where the Heysen Trail intersects the North East Road (north of Cudlee Creek) to a point just south of Checker Hill Road (south of Kersbrook)

For further information or in an Emergency call the Safety Officer on 0428 159 669
or the Forestry SA Ranger on 8391 8800 (option 2).

Heysen Trail closure through the Buckaringa Sanctuary, Friday 7th to Monday 10th July 2023


The closure planned for June 7-9th was cancelled due to inclement weather.
It has now been rescheduled as shown below…

The Buckaringa Sanctuary will be temporarily closed for 3 days in July 2023. As the Heysen Trail passes through the sanctuary, we advise walkers to consider the closure if planning to walk in the area.

The closure will commence on the evening of Friday 7th July and continue until the morning of  Monday 10th July 2023.



The Buckaringa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies and is located between Quorn and Hawker. You can find it on map 6, chapter 4, of the Heysen Trail Northern Guidebook and on Sheet Map 7b – Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek.

The Heysen Trail enters the southern boundary of the sanctuary at grid reference 195 440. The northern section on the trail exits the sanctuary at 257 490.

The closure affects the trail in the following walk sections:

51 Warren Gorge to Buckaringa Gorge

52 Buckaringa Gorge to Callabrinda Creek

The closure is because the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) will be undertaking feral animal control in the sanctuary.

AWC will place closure signs at all entry points to the sanctuary to warn walkers of the danger.

Mapsheet 3B: Maryvale re-route south of Hamilton, September 2022

This is a temporary re-route

View pdf map showing re-route

A temporary re-route has been marked on the Heysen Trail just south of Hamilton. The affected section of the trail is shown  on Heysen Trail Mapsheet 3B..

The re-route has been established to address landholder concerns about walker access to farming property.

For walkers northbound, after exiting a property at grid reference 046 059, the trail now turns left onto Allen Creek Road and continues to the junction with Marrabel Road.

Again the trail turns left and follows Marrabel Road for approx 1.5 kilometres. Walkers are advised to walk on the gravel verge and take extreme care on this section of road.

The trail then turns left and follows Taylors Run Rd before turning right (northwards) onto Hydedale Rd.  After 2 kms the re-route rejoins the original trail on Cornvale Road at grid reference 033 100.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

View all re-routes for the Mapsheet 3: Tanunda to Burra (May 2015)

Caroona Creek Closure – May 24th to May 26th 2023

Parks SA have advised the temporary closure of Caroona Creek Conservation Park and Hopkins Creek Conservation Park for feral animal control.

These parks have access to the Heysen Trail and the closure dates are 6.00pm May 24 until 6.00pm May 26, 2023.

Park rangers will place notices at Black Jack Hut and the Mount Bryan East School to advise walkers of the closure at Caroona Creek CP.

The closure of the Caroona Creek park will affect a section of the Heysen Trail north of Burra – (Map sheet 4A)

The Closure at Hopkins Creek CP should not impact walkers as it involves the western boundary only, but walkers may stray into the Park.

To refer to the original notice press here

Mapsheet 1D and 2A: Alternate Route at Knott Hill Plantation (Kuitpo Forest ), April 2023

View pdf map showing re-route

Walkers now have the option of two routes through Knott Hill Plantation. The re-route affects both Mapsheets 1D & 2A.

The original route via Knott Hill planation

Following the completion of a logging operation commenced in September 2021, the original trail has been restored.

This route heads westwards along Wicks Road before heading northwards towards Stagecoach Lane (6km).

The new optional route following sections of the Onkeeta & Willunga Basin Trail

The new route involves a walk further to the east.

It departs the main Trail at grid reference 898 027 and follows the Onkeeta and Willunga Basin Trails northward. It skirts along the eastern side of the forest before rejoining the main trail on Stagecoach Lane  at grid reference 904 054. The distance for this option is 3.5 kms

This additional route is designed to avoid sections of the Knott Hill plantation which may be logged from time to time.

It is marked as an alternative route, and will remain available in the event of future logging operations nearby.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

Mapsheet 3D: Goyder Windfarm – temporary re-route east of Huppatz Hut, April 2023

This is a temporary re-route

View pdf map showing re-route

A  temporary re-route has been marked north of Huppatz Hut to avoid construction works associated with the Goyder Wind Farm.

The section of the trail affected by the re-route is shown on Heysen Trail Mapsheet 3D.

The existing trail heads east from Huppatz Hut before the re-route diverts walkers from the trail  at  grid reference  089 509.

The re-route heads due north contouring up the ridge, before a switchback at grid reference 089 514 that brings you to the summit.

The new route crosses the construction road and then heads east adjoining the old trail over a new stile at  grid reference 092 514.

While classified as a temporary re-route, we expect that it may be in place for 18-24 months.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

View all re-routes for the Mapsheet 3: Tanunda to Burra (May 2015)

Mapsheet 8C: Yuluna realignment, Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park, April 2023

The Heysen Trail east of Aroona ruins has been realigned to follow the northern section of the Yuluna loop walk trail.

The re-route relates to both the August 2015 and the November 2020 editions of Mapsheet 8C.

Although this is a relatively small change, (a distance of 2.6 kms) the walk is improved as follows the Yuluna hike and therefore avoids a section of the Bulls Creek Track.

We do not have a map of the reroute at this stage.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

Mapsheet 2C: Error in Grid Reference (Eastings), September 2014

Please note that there is printing error on Mapsheet 2C of the 2014 version of the mapsheet.

The grid references (Eastings) on the bottom are incorrect, so those on the top part of the map should be used.
The Eastings on the bottom half of the map are displaced by 1 km between  980 and  700.

As an example, the true grid reference for Grandpas Campsite, (south of Cudlee Creek township)  is 019 395. The Eastings on the top of the map show this correctly, however  the bottom reading is 009 395 (incorrect).

Wild South Coast Way & associated Park closures, 7th-12th May 2023

There will be a cull for purposes of feral animal control organised by PIRSA/DEW on the South Coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula from 4pm Sunday May 7th  until Midday Friday May 12th.

This involves Deep Creek National Park, Talisker CP, Eric Bonython CP and Waitpinga CP.

These parks , the Wild South Coast Way and the Heysen Trail within Deep Creek National Park will be closed for the entire time of the above date span for public safety.

Walkers will not be able to access the  Trail during this time.

Camping will not be allowed in the named parks during this time.

For further information visit


Animal control program on the Fleurieu Peninsula, 1-14 May 2023

Map highlighting the ‘no shooting/buffer’ zone

Warning to walkers on the Wild South Coast Way on the Heysen Trail.

There will be an extensive animal control cull of feral deer on the Fleurieu Peninsula by PIRSA and other organisations, between 1 and 14 May 2023.

Walkers may be affected if in the region of  Boat Harbour Beach, Tunkalilla Beach and the trail to Ballaparudda Creek campground.

The cull will use helicopters carrying thermal technology to detect deer, allowing them to be culled even in dense scrub. Flights will be on week days and weekends, mainly around dawn and dusk, when thermal cameras can detect targets most easily.

The Wild South Coast Way will remain open to walkers during the operation

No shoot and low flying buffers will be put in place around the Wild South Coast Way (Heysen Trail) and Bullaparudda campground, as well as public roads and infrastructure.
The buffer zone relating to the Wild South Coast Way is displayed in orange on the map above.

There is no risk to people or livestock, but if you are in affected areas you may hear low flying helicopters and the sound of gun shots in the distance.

You can find out more information about the operation on the Parks Closure and Alerts page.

FoHT new Council & Annual Report 2022

Member News: FOHT new Council & Annual Report 2022

The Friends AGM on 5 April 2023 at Torrens Rowing Club was well attended with an upbeat vibe and lots of chatting among members.  Thank you all for your membership, engagement and volunteering to keep the Friends and Heysen Trail alive.

Please welcome the incoming Council Members listed below who will continue that commitment.

2023 FOHT Office Bearers & Council Positions

Reminder that the revised FOHT Constitution adopted in 2022 included provision to assist renewal that all member are elected for 2 year terms, a limit of 3 x 2 years continuous in an Office Bearer position and maximum 12 years continuous for any Council member.

  • President – Neil Hendry
  • Vice President – Melanie Sjoberg
  • Secretary – Vicki Stewart continuing in current 2 year term
  • Treasurer – Basia Samcewicz continuing in current 2 year term

Council Members

  • Continuing in current 2 year term – Barbara Deed; John Babister; Margaret Fletcher.
  • Newly elected: Paul Bond; Judy McAdam; Ross McDougall; Kathy Wright; Mark Fletcher.

FOHT achievements and financial statements were presented and approved at the AGM.  The FOHT Annual Report for 2022 outlining those presentations is attached for your information.

April 2023

Issue 165

Highlights include:

  • 30th Anniversary of the Heysen Trail Opening
  • Tackling the Wild South Coast Way
  • Walking Poles 101: Technique
  • Walked the Yorke

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2023

Annual The 36th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Heysen Trail and Other Walking Trails Inc will be held at 6.30pm Wednesday 5 April 2023 at the Torrens Rowing Club Functions Centre, Victoria Drive, Adelaide.

Call for Council Nominations

Seeking nominations from our members, for election to the following Council positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Ordinary Council Members

To nominate, please complete the nomination form (page 2 of AGM notice) and provide to The Secretary by 27 March 2023.
Forms may be submitted via email: heysentrail@heysentrail.asn.au; or deliver/post to Friends of the Heysen Trail, Suite 203, Epworth House, 33 Pirie Street Adelaide, 5000.

AGM Agenda

  1. Apologies
  2. Acceptance of Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 24 March 2022
  3. President’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Election of Returning Officer
  6. Election of Councillors
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Council Members
  7. Appointment of Auditor
  8. Report from Honorary Members Committee
  9. Other Business
  10. Close of Meeting


Members must register to attend the AGM via our website walk/events program to meet space limitations.

Registration for our next ‘End to End’ walks from Cape Jervis open at 7.00am on Monday, March 20th 2023.

Feedback sought on Heysen Trail South Coast Proposed Upgrade

The next series of the Friends ‘End to End’ walks along the Heysen Trail is scheduled to commence from Cape Jervis on Sunday May 14th 2023

Registrations for the first walk  opened on Monday March 20th 2023.

You still have time to prepare and train for the walks, however in recent years interest in joining the Friends ‘E2E’ walks has been very high. Most have booked out on opening day.

Get ready to register by joining the Friends now

Registration is open to members of the Friends, so make sure you have created a membership account before registrations open. Once you’ve done that you can join any of the walks listed on our walk calendar.

You can find out more information about the first walk by reading the description in our walk calendar or the article on page 11 of the December edition of our Trailwalker magazine.

The End to End walk program section of our website also provides further information about our ‘E2E’ walks.

Mapsheet 1D and 2A: Re-route at Chookarloo Campground, Kuitpo Forest, January 2023

View pdf map showing re-route

This is a minor but permanent re-route of the Trail near Chookarloo Campground at Kuitpo Forest.

The new route directs walkers away from the Kuitpo Tree Climb and associated car park. Northbound, it deviates from the Trail at the Avenues Picnic Ground (Mapsheet 2A & Southern Guidebook, Map 2.9 at Grid Ref. 916 015), runs parallel with Black Nursery Road for 200 metres before crossing the road. The new trail then enters the forest at GR 918 015. After a short meander through a dense eucalypt forest, it rejoins the Trail just to the north of the Tree Climb area.

The two hike-in campsites at Chookarloo have been closed, but the other 21 campsites in this campground are available for hikers.

Walkers should be aware of increased road traffic when crossing Black Nursery Road and should avoid entering the Tree Climb facility and walking under the high ropes course. There is now a cafe at the the facility and walkers are welcome to take a break and tarry a while at the cafe. Please walk around the high ropes apparatus when accessing the cafe.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

The Friends Office reopens on Tuesday 7th February, 2023.

The Friends Office reopens on Tuesday February 7th.

After a break over Christmas,  the Friends office reopens on Tuesday February 7th 2023. Our volunteers will be available to help you from 10.30am to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday.


  • Welcome visitors to the Office to inspect our range of maps and publications,
  • Answer questions about walking the Heysen Trail,
  • Attend to your emails and phone calls,
  • Process On-line shop orders, Membership enquiries and renewals,

You can register for walks using our online walk calendar or contact the Office if you need assistance.

There are several ways to contact the Office – you will find details on our website at heysentrail.asn.au/contact

New Ikara- Flinders Ranges National Park map released.

To celebrate the reopening of the Office, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest map in the series of Parks SA Bushwalking maps.

You can purchase the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park map from our On-line store or direct from the Office.

Access to the Trail over the Fire Danger period

We remind walkers that many sections of the Heysen Trail remain closed over summer and through April. You can find more information about the closures on our Fire Danger Season page.

Mapsheet 4B: Realignment of the trail east of Mt Bryan, September 2022

View pdf map showing re-route

The Mt Bryan re-route is designed to improve the alignment of the trail with the road reserve.

After leaving the Mt Bryan East Rd, the realignment follows the northern side of the fence. After reaching a stile the trail generally tracks north west, zig zagging to the summit.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

View all re-routes for the Mapsheet 4: Burra to Spalding (May 2015)

Mapsheet 1C: Re-route at Robinson Hill/Jaggers Block, September 2022

View pdf map showing re-route

This minor re-route relates to the original September 2014 version of Map sheet 1 (Cape Jervis to Kuitpo).

When walking south-north, the re-route starts at the intersection of Prouse, Hancock and Keens Road following a fence line west behind a telephone tower to enter the Robinson Hill walk-in site.

Just prior to the tank and platform it turns north west, out of the campsite, down into and through a disused quarry, to cross Hancock Road and enters the Jaggers Forest, over a step-ladder stile.

It then follows the fence line of the forest, initially west, then north, then west again with a final northerly turn to exit the forest onto Roads Lane, over a stile.

The re-route avoids temporary reroutes through the the forest which may arise due to future logging operations.

This re-route was marked in early September 2022, which was just in time to be included in the new Edition 2 of Map sheet 1.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit

Mapsheet 1D: Re-route at Kyeema – exit off Woodgate Hill Rd, December 2022

View pdf map showing re-route

The Heysen Trail has been permanently re-routed through Kyeema Conservation Park, parallel to Woodgate Hill Road but completely within the Park boundary.

Northbound, it enters the Park through the gate at the junction of Woodgate Hill and Blackfellows Creek Roads (Mapsheet 1D and Southern Guidebook Map 2.8,  Grid Ref 909 942). The new route runs along the southern boundary of the Park until it re-joins the main Trail at Grid Ref.  899 943, near the Kyeema car park.

This re-route greatly improves walker safety by eliminating the undulating walk along Woodgate Hill Rd. It also provides a much more enjoyable walk through the park.

Walkers should exercise caution when crossing Woodgate Hill Road near the junction with Blackfellows Creek Road.

We appreciate the assistance of the Parks SA Rangers who helped with the route selection and trail marking.

Download gpx file for loading onto your GPS unit